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Steller Floors is the brainchild of Even Stover and Britta Teller, who met while studying biology in college. Evan’s father, Lee, spent his career in wood products and Evan joined him in the industry when they started a consulting company.

Evan and Lee spent a lot of time looking at malfunctioning hardwood floors in people’s homes and realized the need for a product that worked with the wood’s natural properties — not against it. Meanwhile, Britta was working on her Ph.D. in plant science and looking for academic jobs across the U.S. In the end, she caught the wood products bug and changed directions to work with Evan on the idea that would become Steller’s product.

Pictured: Steller Ash Clear

Evan and Britta applied for a patent on the weekend they got married and, after receiving it, officially launched Steller Innovations in 2018.

They are committed to creating quality jobs in central Pennsylvania and helping people across the country have beautiful floors in their homes and businesses.

Man cutting wood to planks for flooring

Steller Floors takes pride in being a company founded on innovation and grounded in family roots. Through their growth, the company remains dedicated to the products, but it’s the people on Steller’s team that make the company successful. Taking pride in the work is a sentiment felt on the floor, supporting the local economy and providing jobs in the area is a sentiment felt by Evan and Britta. 

Pictured: Steller Ash Clear

Want to learn more about Steller? We can help your vision come to life. From aspen to sycamore, we can source any North American hardwood. Get in touch for a custom quote.

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