Hardwood Flooring Shortage? Not with Steller Floors

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The search for hardwood flooring that is beautiful, sustainable, and cost-effective is never-ending. Since consumers today are also concerned with a hardwood flooring shortage and shipping delays, the search seems even more impossible as demand increases. After months or years of dreaming of a new home or renovation, weeks and months pass by and homeowners continue to face supply chain delays, inflation, and labor shortages from overseas.

Why is There a Supply Shortage?

In the fallout from the outbreak of COVID-19, there have been significant supply chain, manufacturing, and logistical issues across nearly every industry worldwide. In fact, the primary problem affecting the wood flooring industry is the delay of prefinished, engineered wood flooring shipments from overseas ranging from 12 to 24 weeks. Thus limiting flooring options while driving up the lumber cost.

hardwood floor journey from Asian factory

On top of the global pandemic, the recent war between Russia and Ukraine has put a major strain on a lumber shortage, especially Baltic Birch. Nearly all of the engineered hardwood flooring in the United States uses Baltic Birch as a backing material, which is almost always originally sourced from Russia. But the recent outbreak of war has brought the sustainability and ethical implications of sourcing these materials into question.

For example, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) suspended all trading certificates and blocked all controlled wood sourcing in Russia and Belarus. The FSC put these restrictions in place to protect the integrity of its system. By not allowing either of these two countries to source wood and other forest products as FSC-certified, the FSC is taking a firm stance against Russia waging war on Ukraine — and declaring that these products are simply no longer sustainable until the conflict ends.

Luckily, with Steller Floors, you won’t need to worry about overseas shipping delays since all of our materials are sourced from a 150-mile radius of our facility in central Pennsylvania. We’re always guaranteeing a sustainable product that will be delivered on time.

We Deliver Hardwood Floors, On Time.

Here at Steller Floors, we know that your new hardwood floor is a much-anticipated project to make your home even more beautiful and livable. You can put your utmost trust in us that your materials will be delivered right on schedule.

We only work with suppliers that can help us guarantee your hardwood floor is of the highest-quality — and delivered on time. By not being subject to shipping delays, you can more easily plan your project, and can count on your flooring materials being delivered in a mere 3-4 weeks.

steller floor hardwood journey from their us factory

Steller Installation is Faster

In addition to getting your high-quality wood floor materials delivered on time and keeping your project on track, by choosing Steller Floors you will avoid tariffs, increasing costs, and the use of conflict timber. Your new 100% solid hardwood floor materials are sourced and made right here in North America.

Interested in professional installation? Ask us about sending our specialized team to help you get your flooring project completed in a fraction of the time required by other hardwood and engineered flooring installers. Our assembly team would love to help you with your flooring installation. Get more information here.

Keeping your living space available for your family to use and enjoy is critical for every homeowner. That’s why we work with you to carefully coordinate delivery and installation times to make sure your space is ready to go when you are.

Shop Steller Floors

You should only buy hardwood floors that are beautiful, durable, and sustainable. And, our floors are just that. Made by true craftspeople in our facility, our materials provide the quality of a traditional hardwood floor, but a twist of innovation with our patented technology. Simply put, there is nothing like it.

The best part? Your new floor can be assembled over any flat subfloor, including oriented strand board (OSB) and concrete in about 4 hours (per 500 square feet). Once it’s installed, it’s immediately ready for move in — no sanding or finishing needed. With traditional hardwood floors, installing an unfinished floor could take days, or even weeks, when sanding and finishing is required. So not only will your assembly be quick and easy upon arrival, your new floor offers quite a few unique advantages that traditional hardwood floors do not.

All of our products including hardwood planks, sealants, finishes, and plastic components are sourced right in our backyard, within the United States.

No nails. No glue. No headaches. Our floors clip together quickly with a rubber mallet.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can bring your vision come to life. We can source any North American hardwood and match stains and finishes.

If you need to replace a board, use your suction cup (shipped with every order) to pull it up, and you can snap a new one in its place.

Because our floors are infinitely flexible, they can be removed, resold and re-used throughout their lives, maintaining their investment value for over 100 years.

Get Started

With the use of the highest-quality, locally sourced hardwood for our materials, you can trust that a Steller Floor will be a floor you’ll love for years to come. Since we invest so much time and care into your materials, you can lock in your price today for a known delivery date in the future.

Contact our sales team today to learn more about how we can make your flooring dreams come true. To view our hardwood floor options or to order samples, contact us at 800-955-7671.