Hardwood Flooring Shortage? Not with Steller Floors

Steller Fast Delivert

The search for hardwood flooring that is beautiful, sustainable, and cost-effective is never-ending. Since consumers today are also concerned with a hardwood flooring shortage and shipping delays, the search seems even more impossible as demand increases. After months or years of dreaming of a new home or renovation, weeks and months pass by and homeowners […]

Commercial Economics of Steller Floors

Stool on a white oak hardwood floor

Steller Floors generate profits in commercially leased and rented properties. Every landlord wants to provide beautiful and easy spaces for tenants to live and work. However, until recently, economics could get in the way. Beating the “downward-spiral” of losses When tenants might damage flooring in a space, some landlords use the lowest quality materials to […]

Reimagining and Reclaiming Craftsmanship

Precision manufacturing

When you hear the term “craftsmanship,” what comes to mind? Maybe it’s something you saw on Instagram on one of the more than 2.5 million #craftsmanship posts. Or maybe it’s a sign you saw at the big-box home improvement store or one of their ads touting the latest line of “craftsman-inspired” products. Either way, rarely […]

What The Flooring Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

Grey Hard Maple

For the past few decades, many industries in the United States have experienced a slow “hollowing out” — companies merge and grow more powerful with each acquisition. Sometimes private equity enters the mix, which places even more pressure on smaller local and independent producers. How do I know? I’m the co-founder of one of those […]

Hardwood Myths That Could Fool You

Hardwood floor with a dog bed

In our line of work, it can be difficult to convince some homeowners that cheap is not always better. The decline of American manufacturing has contributed to myths and misconceptions about solid hardwoods, and recently we came across a review on a big box store website that really illuminated the issues surrounding cheap hardwood floors. […]