Satin Sheen on Hardwood Floors is the Best Choice

Steller Hardwood Flooring with chair

When you’re considering a sheen for hardwood floors, the best choice is easy: Satin Polyurethane is the gold standard among hardwood floor finishes because it is resilient and beautiful in equal measure. But what is the best choice of sheen for a hardwood floor? To us, the Steller choice is Satin. Here at Steller Floors, […]

Floating solid wood floors on concrete slab changes everything

hardwood installation over concrete slab

Solid wood floors are the best choice for residential and commercial spaces joining aesthetics and style, but concrete slabs aren’t suitable for traditional nailed-down or glued products. Today, you can really have it all: a high-quality Steller solid hardwood floor can be assembled directly over sealed concrete.  In this post we’ll talk about: Why installing […]

Flood Risk and Your Steller Hardwood Flooring

Repairing damages due to water in traditional, nailed-down hardwoods can be very expensive and time consuming, and the risks could reduce the value of your home in a flood zone. With major real estate websites adding home flood risks to home listings, now is the time to evaluate whether your home is prone to losses […]

Start your Steller Project from the Ground Up!

before steller floors

When you are planning your flooring project, the versatility of Steller Floors means you can start anywhere for your renovation, new build, or commercial space. Since there’s no reason to be worried about nails or glue with a Steller Floor, your subfloor can be made of OSB/plywood, concrete, and even terrazzo or existing wood floors. […]

Steller DIY Assembly with Photos!

Close up of steller assembly

Are you debating whether you will DIY your hardwood flooring project this spring? You aren’t alone! Lots of folks debate whether they are prepared to take on DIY projects or if they should hire a contractor (like these folks). In flooring, most folks won’t attempt to assemble hardwood themselves, but Steller is completely changing the […]

Wow, leveling a subfloor is not very hard!

Assembly of Steller floors

I’d like to start by admitting that everyone makes mistakes, and our team is no different. So, here comes the confession: when we installed our recent demo floor at Penn State’s Innovation Park, we figured that the subfloor was a professional pour, and it would probably be fairly flat. In retrospect, we obviously should have […]