Stool on a white oak hardwood floor

Pictured: Steller White Oak Flat Sawn

Commercial Flooring

Solid wood floors have a long-standing reputation for excellent aesthetic and acoustic qualities, but nailed-down installations are not compatible with modern construction techniques that include concrete slab subfloors.

Steller Floors float solid hardwoods over slabs in all of your most exciting commercial spaces including lobbies and storefronts, restaurants and offices, and residential building complexes. Our industry-leading simple assembly and repairs use our patented technology, so that flooring decisions do not interfere with your daily business.

With long lifespans and tremendous flexibility, Steller Floors also include significant cash-tax advantages when commercial property managers consider their floors under section 1245 of the IRS tax code.

Get swept away by the beauty, economic advantages, and sustainability of Steller Floors and contact us for more details.

Revolutionizing Hardwood Floors

With Steller Floors you can incorporate natural wood materials in your commercial spaces like never before. Our solid wood materials provide natural hues and textures and reduce sound transmission. 

Our patented technology is making solid wood flooring assembly easier, more sustainable, and more cost-effective than ever.

Never worry again that flooring assembly or repairs mean that your space will be closed. You get more control in your space because assembly requires no complex labor, and business can go on as usual for most repairs.

Steller Sustainability

Steller Floors store 3.5 times more carbon than we emit producing our product. Our solid wood materials have naturally sequestered carbon from the atmosphere as trees and the carbon is stored during the life of our flooring. We source our materials exclusively from our region and we utilization 100% wind and solar electricity at our facility.

Our handcrafted designs contribute substantially to LEED credits when our materials are considered in categories including BDC/IDC Sourcing Raw Materials (2), Embodied Carbon (1) and Material Ingredient Optimization (1) and IDC Design for Flexibility and Disassembly (2) in commercial and retail spaces. Thinking about using LEED Innovations credits (1)? Among pilot credits, we can help you with Timber Traceability (1), Low-carbon Building Materials (2), Circular Products (1) and more with over 9 relevant points across multiple credits.

Economic Value for Commercial Owners

Sustainable and beautiful does not always mean more expensive. In addition to savings on labor and lifetime repairs, our floating demountable flooring can qualify for accelerated depreciation under section 1245 of the IRS code, which provides significant tax-advantages during cost-segregation analysis.

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