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Pictured: Steller Red Oak Clear

Core Values

We’ve done a lot of thinking about hardwood floors. We’re the ones who knew that there was a better way to design a product that would revolutionize the industry. The past few decades have been dominated by a “big box” approach to all things retail — products are made as cheaply as possible and not built to last. We’re changing that by applying quality craftsmanship and regional sourcing to every board we ship. The result is hardwood floors that look beautiful and will last a lifetime.

The Steller team brings together decades of experience in the wood products industry and with modern notions of what it means to be good stewards of the environment and offer an alternative to cookie cutter flooring on the market.

A lot of companies talk about sustainability, but we’re the ones that put it into practice at every step of our process. All of our products including hardwood planks, sealants, finishes, and plastic components are sourced within the United States.

Our manufacturing process is optimized to reduce waste, we use only water-based stains and finishes to protect our workers and our customers from harmful fumes, and we mix our standard flooring stains in-house.

Inspecting cuts of wood with a tool

Finally, we believe in the culture of craftsmanship and the job creation that comes with it. Truly beautiful products made by someone who is properly trained and compensated will stand head and shoulders above something mass-produced in a factory halfway around the world. We’re the ones that truly care about our people. And we believe, with every floor that leaves our factory, a part of us goes with it. 

No call centers here. Just our team members who genuinely care about the craft. Get in touch with any questions.

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