Cutting costs for your Steller hardwood flooring project

Industry-leading innovation makes your flooring choices easier.

Solid hardwood is the absolute best flooring material, hands down. The beautiful aesthetics, sound-dampening, and warmth are simply in a league of their own. No synthetic, artificial, or engineered material comes close to providing all three of these qualities for your interior space.

Incredibly, new and innovative technology means that paying for your hardwood floor doesn’t need to feel like a sacrifice–it is an investment that pays dividends.

Steller hardwoods have all the integrity and beauty of traditional solid hardwoods, and you will also benefit from the flooring industry’s lowest repair and replacement costs. So, whether you are moving into a new neighborhood or if you’re building your family’s forever-home, investing in hardwoods that are built to last a lifetime makes financial sense.

A joyful flooring reno?

What’s the bottom line once you have your flooring in hand? Several of our clients have told us about the joy they felt when unpacking their flooring because they cherished interacting with each plank. Families can work together to choose which of their favorite planks will be placed around the rooms of their homes. Nothing could make us happier!

Breaking down the costs of flooring

When folks start researching the costs of a flooring project, the first prices that they see are the initial materials pricing. Broadly speaking, material cost is highly correlated with quality and value. In hardwoods, cheaper materials have more knots and defects and are found in narrower widths. Ironically, some “character grade” types of flooring with knots and irregular, unstable grain patterns are sold at high retail cost. These materials are actually quite cheap at the lumber yard.

Next, folks quickly learn that materials sticker prices are irrelevant to the final installed cost. For example, some standard and widely available types of tile can cost between $3 and $5 per sqft. However, this price does not include mortar, grout, installation tools, or complex and demanding labor. These materials can bring the final installed cost of a tile floor closer to $20 per sqft.

In addition, homeowners should consider incidental costs during the project planning phase. Can you live in your space during your project’s installation, or will you need to rent a hotel or another space to live? With a Steller Floor, you can install your floor in minutes instead of days. Installation speed reduces the burden of your flooring project on yourself and your family members.

Lifetime repairs and replacements

Finally, the total lifetime cost of your flooring will include any repairs and replacements you may need to undertake to improve your interior space. These demanding projects often cost more time, money and stress, unless you have chosen a simple and easy flooring to repair and replace–like Steller Floors.

Understanding the value of hardwoods

Unlike artificial materials made of composites and glue, solid hardwoods are harvested directly from nature. The widest, most stable cuts of lumber are the most rare and desirable because they come from bigger trees. At Steller Floors, we only use the highest and most expensive grades of lumber. These grades are called “FAS” (“Firsts and Seconds”) or “F1F” (“FAS on one face”). In these grades, the grain within the planks will remain more stable over time. “Clear”, “common” and “character” grades of flooring are all of lower quality than our standard products at Steller.

Once lumber is harvested from the forest, it must be dried in a kiln. This process can help stabilize the wood, or it can ruin it. Thanks to our local network of suppliers, our buyers at Steller always choose the highest quality dried lumber that will remain stable in a home environment.

Precision milling

Then, during the milling process, we mill our planks within thousandths of an inch. Several parts of our process are only undertaken by carefully trained craftspeople. With this attention to detail, our precision is sometimes 30-times better than the National Wood Flooring Association requires. Our philosophy is that we should do our best to make our high quality materials more perfect. For homeowners, this results in needing only 3-5% overage for complex cuts versus 10-15% overage for waste with standard flooring which is an immediate savings.

Finally, we seal all of the quality inside each Steller plank using polyurethane on the wear surface and sealants on all of the other sides. This step is essential so that the floor can be protected from changes due to moisture. Unfortunately, most flooring companies only seal the wear surface, leaving other wood surfaces (even in engineered products) vulnerable to changes in moisture.

A floor that goes to work for you

Needless to say, we invest incredible value in bringing Steller solid hardwood floors to life and the sticker price of our flooring is higher than bargain brands. Despite this initial cost, our innovative installation technology allows for all of the other lifetime costs to be lower–resulting in an investment that pays dividends.

Steller hardwood flooring installs up to 4 times faster than traditional hardwoods without nails or glue, and planks are so straight that they self-align. This means that the flooring can be installed DIY or by a local handyman without a certified professional. Then, single planks can be repaired or removed in an instant using a simple suction cup.

Anyone who has been through a devastating flood or renovation will tell you: a flooring project is an undertaking. When you have a floor meant to last 100 years, it requires upkeep and maintenance no matter what kind of flooring you choose. With Steller Floors, a flooring fix might include swapping planks from under a couch with a nicked plank. Then, you can easily touch up lightly scratched planks using water-based polyurethane from a local hardware store. For heavier scratches, you can call us for replacement planks for a tiny fraction of the price of a full refinishing project.

Want to prevent damage to your Steller Floors during another renovation or when a storm is on the way? Simply move planks out for the way and reinstall them when the danger has passed.

Why Steller Floors?

Interior spaces in our homes are so important for our sense of well-being. Flooring is a surface we see, touch and experience on a daily basis. A flooring renovation can bring you joy or it can bring you stress. Let your flooring investment be one that you can believe in: a Steller hardwood Floor is an innovative, solid hardwood, made 100% in the USA by craftspeople that pays dividends during its long life.

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