Holiday Cheer and A Flooring Story

This holiday season, one of our engaged social media friends asked, “What’s the oldest installation of a Steller Floor, and how’s it doing? Can people view it, or can you show it on social media?”

Lucky for us, our first show floor, installed in March 2019, is located right down the street from us at Bake Shop Bakes, here in Tyrone, PA. This show floor is about 1,000 sqft of hard maple with mixed widths, a custom stain, and finished on the wear surface with high-density polyurethane. The floor took four novice installers one day to finish the job, and it is installed over a concrete subfloor with a 6 mil poly moisture barrier and a tar paper underlayment.

As for how it has held up, you can judge for yourself! Bake Shop Bakes usually has 30-50 customers a day, and on high-volume days can have over 300 visitors. Each person has a different choice for footwear, and it could be cowboy boots, tennis shoes, or heels depending on whether they’re coming from the nearby dairy farms, football practice, or a business meeting in the area. Plus, the floor has been through several big spills including an air conditioner malfunction which resulted in some large puddles. Some of the spills weren’t totally accidents, and would probably better qualify as marketing opportunities! Our team regularly stops by to pull up boards with a suction cup to demonstrate how easy it is to remove a single plank from the middle of the floor–and, of course, to pick up amazing donuts.

We look forward to many years of future follow-ups since our flooring clips are guaranteed for 10 years, and the bakery has amazing food! Take a tour of the images below to see how the floor is doing, and of course you’re always welcome to come visit us here in Tyrone to see the bakery and our woodshop in person.