Hard maple hardwood floor

Pictured: Steller Hard Maple Dark Brown

How to Choose

You’ve discovered that our floors are beautiful—but did you know that there are other factors that should work their way into your decision-making process?

Well-crafted hardwood flooring should last a lifetime, so it’s not a choice that should be made lightly. Hardwood floors can achieve many different design aesthetics. Because every plank is different, no two floors are ever alike — something you can’t say about carpet or other flooring options. 

With hardwood floors, there are other considerations to make:

  • What kind of wood should you choose?
  • What color is desired?
  • What feeling does the space deserve?

There are no easy answers to these questions, but there are a few factors you can consider to help you decide.

Wear and Tear

Harder, more durable species like maple and hickory are better suited to rooms that have a lot of foot traffic and/or furniture moving around on the floor, like a dining room or office chairs.

Softer species like walnut and cherry are more delicate and work well in bedrooms, dens, and other areas where most of the foot traffic is socks-only.

The subtlety of grain, rich and warm. A modern mood and simply always on-trend. Explore Hard Maple.

Warm, comforting, and non-traditional. Sheer beauty with golden highlights. Explore Cherry.

A subtle change to ash’s natural look provides a higher color dimension and adds a pop of uniqueness to high-traffic areas. Explore Ash Grey.

This rich dark brown stain is rich in color and accentuates red oak’s rustic charm. Explore Red Oak Dark Brown.

Style and Aesthetic

Are you looking for a floor that will make a statement similar to what you see in the latest issue of Architectural Digest or Magnolia Journal? Perhaps the space needs something that’s more timeless?

Grey and cooler-toned stains are very on-trend right now, whereas brown tones are always classy and timeless.


Every space has its own unique feeling; even two rooms in the same structure can feel completely different based on how they’re designed.

Flooring is a huge part of that equation and can mean the difference between a space that’s warm and cozy and one that’s sleek and modern. Many of our flooring options can help you strike a balance that’s right for you.

Natural white oak with a clear, satin polyurethane finish has a wheaten tan coloration and a beachy feel. Explore Flat Sawn White Oak.

Stay on-trend with this stylish, grey-hued stain with eliciting a warm modern feel. Explore Hard Maple Grey.

This flooring checks all the boxes. It’s beautiful, durable, and one of the most versatile products on the market. My clients swoon over the craftsmanship and I can’t be happier with the customer service and dedication to the product. I will spec Steller Floors every chance I get.

Interior Designer

Pictured: Steller Red Oak Clear

Rug over top a red oak floor

No call centers here. Just our team in central Pennsylvania who genuinely cares about the craft. Get in touch with any questions.

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