Pictured: Steller Hard Maple Dark Brown

Installation and Care

Steller floors are unique for a lot of reasons, but it’s the ease of installation and care that makes most installers and homeowners proud to know the brand. It’s the reason that our floors are specified for spaces that need beauty, quality, and versatility.

A Steller floor is a floor that saves a crew from days of grueling labor. It’s a floor that reminds homeowners to enjoy their home and not worry about what’s under their feet. It’s a floor that interior designers appreciate for its’ looks and style. It’s a floor that makes you the hero for discovering it.


Attach clip to one side of the board. If it is the first board, attach clip to both sides.


Align the first board along the second board. Use a 3 inch clip overhang where possible (not shown).


Place weight on the existing board, and use a soft mallet to rapidly snap another board in place.


Install the next board using the same techniques.

View our full installation guide for details.

Easy Removal

  1. Attach suction cup to the surface of an edge board and tilt to lift boards in a series.
  2. Attach suction cup to the end of a single board and pull rapidly to lift it alone.

The flooring went down exactly like you said it would, and now my only “problem” is that the client wants more and so I’ll need to call back and place a second order!

Contractor, Ohio

Be the one that offers your team the opportunity to experience a flooring install like no other. The Steller flooring system takes back-breaking labor out of the equation. You’ll find that the work is simple, the planning is straightforward, and at the end of the project, you and your team may have actually had fun. To learn more about the ease of installation, watch our latest installer review.

Care of Steller Floors

You have just invested in flooring that is made to last over 100 years.  Maintaining the beauty and life of your floors can be done effortlessly if you keep in mind a few important basics.


The most important thing to keep in mind is that our hardwood floors are made to match the human comfort zone for humidity and temperature. If you have a space that is too wet or too dry you may want to think about ways to improve the climate in your space. 

We are happy to advise on humidity and temperature settings if your space is:

  • A vacation home, or space not lived in year-round
  • A rustic or historic space
  • A space with sub-floor heating systems


Steller floors are not high maintenance. You won’t find us recommending special techniques or cleaning procedures to keep the floors looking their best. 

To clean Steller floors:

  • Use a damp mop (not dripping wet)
  • You can use products that are recommended for solid hardwood floors (e.g. Bona)

And that’s it. It’s pretty simple. If a board gets more than a cup of water spilled on it, you simply remove the plank using the suction cup tool and dry the board and subfloor. Once everything has dried completely you simply reinstall the plank.


Dents and scratches are a normal part of life with hardwood floors. It adds to the authenticity of the space. We only recommend refinishing if the protective polyurethane layer has worn through to expose raw wood. With Steller flooring, you are never locked into having to refinish a whole floor. You can refinish individual planks.

To refinish a damaged plank:

  • Remove the plank using the suction cup tool
  • Sand the board to remove the scratches or dents
  • Apply the polyurethane in the sheen that matches your flooring

We always recommend testing a small area before refinishing more broadly. We also think it’s ok to pull up a damaged board and move it to a less visible area. This can be an easy short-term or long-term solution. 


View our full installation guide to learn more about the ease of installation and care of Steller Floors. We're proud of our product and think you will be too.

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