Discover the Dynamic Re-invention of Solid Hardwoods

Steller Floors unite performance and sustainability
without sacrifice.

Simple, Fast Assembly

Steller Floors don't use nails or glue, so our floors are quick to assemble for DIYers and Professionals.

Low-cost, Easy Repairs

Re-think refinishing because dings and spills require only a suction cup to repair without calling a contractor.

Lowest Lifetime Costs

Consider your Steller Floor an asset that you can use, re-use and even re-sell over its long lifetime.

Exceptional Performance

What does it mean for a floor to “perform”? 

In a Steller Floor it means that it is easy to assemble and repair. It is flexible and adaptable. It isn’t wasteful, and it can be used and re-used over its long lifetime. 

Our customers agree. 

Beauty and Brains

Steller Floors Represent a New Generation
of Wood Products Excellence

Beauty for Generations to Come

"We have been just delighted by our walnut floor and wanted to say thanks and send you a few photos. We also plan to put in an order for more early next year."

Matt & Erica, NY

Learn more about our patented technology!

Commercial Performance

Can wood floors “perform” in commercial spaces?

In modern spaces, Steller Floors are easier to install, repair and replace than any option in the market. Steller Floors can float over OSB or concrete, and may gain tax advantages in commercial spaces, giving them incredible lifetime value. 

Subfloor Heat

Looking for a painless way to add warmth to your interior space? We have the answer for you: Calorique. To complement your solid hardwood assembly, simply roll out a sheet of subfloor heat and use electricity to warm your space.