Red oak with dark brown stain floor

Pictured: Steller Red Oak Dark Brown


With Steller’s exceptional quality and ease of use, our competitive pricing is a game changer. No one has to buy a traditional nailed-down hardwood floor ever again.  

The lifetime cost of a Steller floor is lower than similar traditional products, and over 10 years, Steller saves at least 10% over other flooring options.

While the materials cost for a Steller floor is initially higher, it is because you are buying a much higher quality board that is sealed on all sides and is easier to install and repair than any comparable product on the market.

The Steller guarantee

We are proud to offer the following guarantee on all of our hardwood floors:

  • Hardwood flooring planks will arrive in a condition meeting or exceeding National Hardwood Flooring Association Guidelines for hardwood flooring.
      • Planks will be completely finished with polyurethane on the wear surface according to the quote/purchase order.
      • Flooring will be made at 6-10% moisture content and planks will be sealed on the additional sides to resist changes due to moisture.
      • Planks will be flat and straight within +/- 0.015”. Planks will meet width and thickness specs within +/- 0.005”.
  • Plastic flooring clips are guaranteed to be homogenous in shape and function.
  • We will replace any planks for clips not meeting these standards free of charge, but defective parts must be returned to the manufacturer by the buyer.

Steller’s competitive price and unique advantages are a big deal for hardwood flooring.

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No call centers here. Just our team in central Pennsylvania who genuinely care about the craft. Get in touch with any questions.

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