American Oak

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American Oak

American Oak (or “Red Oak”)  is one of the most common hardwood flooring options available in solid wood thanks to its versatile hardness and its uncommonly versatile beauty. With strong grain patterns to give a distinctively natural look, and a natural hue that easily accepts stain, American Oak is the best choice for someone who has difficulty choosing!




American Oak styles are perfect for active homes where character and warmth are the main qualities of the space. Offered in a variety of stains (clear, gray, light brown, dark brown and espresso), choosing this wood grain can be traditional and eye-catching at the same time. Do you have stylistic taste that changes over time? American Oak is so versatile that its warm hues and grain pattern can accommodate teal curtains one year, and green embellishments the next, so feel free to mix in fun throw pillows without worrying whether they’ll match!

American Oak Wood Wear

Perfect for in-demand spaces like entryways, living areas and kitchens, solid American Oak hardwood floors are one of our sturdiest wood species in North America. Have pets? No problem! An oak hardwood floor resists scratches, stains and dents.


Sometimes called “Red Oak” this species could be named either for its reddish bark, or for its time-tested contributions to American furniture making. Many contemporary looks including mid-century craftsman styles focus on oak as a material for wood floors, but include everything that matches: trim, cabinets, mantels, furniture and more.

Why Steller American Oak Hardwood?

American Oak hardwood floors will bring warmth into your space and serve as a wonderful canvas for stains you want to add. Rich brown stains brighten and warm the wood without compromising its natural character, while cooler-toned grey stain highlights the species’ natural grain pattern and brings a modern feel to any space. You simply can’t go wrong.

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UV-Cured, satin polyurethane (no VOCs)


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3/4" thickness


5 Fixed lengths (2' to 4' long)


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