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American cherry is one of the most beautiful, distinctive and charming options available in our Steller hardwood floor lineup. Most commonly used in traditional furniture making because of its subtle grain and luminescent ruddy brown hues, a Steller Floor is a beautiful and unique format to use this incredible wood.




Warm ruddy-brown hues with bright golden highlights make a cherry hardwood floor (offered in clear stain) an absolute show-stopper in any space. When the wood flooring is the focal element of the room, traditional furniture in dark tones will help draw more attention to the American cherry wood and its subtle grain patterns. Or, if the hardwood flooring is a complement to a bright space, lightly colored walls and fabrics will help your cherry wood floor reflect warm, golden light into the room.

Cherry Wood Wear

Cherry hardwood is one of our softest species, and because of its light color, it is the hardwood that will have the most visible wear. To use this species wisely, create a showcase area where light, shoeless traffic, and no pets will affect the wear surface of the planks. Ideal cases are in lightly used dens, offices, or bedrooms. Of course, if your Steller Cherry hardwood floor receives unexpected wear in these areas, you can repair it in an instant using your suction cup.


Central and Northern PA are home to some of the best-known cherry forests in the world thanks to their large and high-quality trees. These forests helped form the basis of much of the furniture-making throughout the 1900s. When you buy a Steller Cherry Flooring, you are joining a family of American cherry enthusiasts worldwide who appreciate the distinctive charm of these hardwood floors.

Why Steller Cherry Hardwood?

Despite its incredible unique beauty, not many people would have chosen cherry wood as a wood floor because of its softness … until now. With Steller assembled hardwood floors, you can have the beautiful tones that you want with a flooring system that is resilient to wear and tear and you can easily keep your American cherry flooring looking beautiful for generations. Simply use a suction cup to remove a damaged plank and quickly restore the wood floors that defines your most inspired spaces.

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UV-Cured, satin polyurethane (no VOCs)


Sealed on all sides


5" Wide


3/4" thickness


5 Fixed lengths (2' to 4' long)


Solid wood




Regional, Secondary growth

Living Wage

Craft Wages


Steller Craftsmanship Guarantee