Hard Maple

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Hard Maple

Maple flooring is an incredibly beautiful material that will stop guests in their tracks both when it’s finished with clear polyurethane and when stained before finishing. Stains on hard maple create extra dimension and depth of color that makes a flooring variety that is very fun to look at!




Maple hardwood flooring provides a clean, modern look thanks to its subtle grain pattern. Offered in clear, gray, light brown, and dark brown stains.

Maple Hardwood Wear

Solid Hard Maple is one of the most desired hardwood flooring varieties because of its subtle grain, moderate hardness and resilience to wear. Often used in bowling alleys, basketball courts, and on the stage, solid maple flooring is highly resilient to wear and tear but also provides an ergonomic walking feel for athletic and dance-ready areas. Do you enjoy music? The acoustic quality of a solid maple floor is among the best!


Did you know that hard maple trees are one kind of maple that is tapped for maple syrup? In fact the sugars found in the wood help give its subtle iridescence and glow in just the right light. “Figured maple” is a very special find in your Steller Wood Floor where planks have been milled through unique grain patterns that are prized by woodworkers. You can sometimes find these planks in your Steller Floor and they are called “curly” maple, “tigertail” and “bird peck.”

Why Steller Maple Hardwood?

Steller Solid Hardwood Floors in Maple are an excellent choice for anyone who is interested in a sleek, modern look with really interesting highlights in the grain. You can choose the color to go with your space using stains or simply reveal the true color of the maple flooring underneath a clear polyurethane finish.

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