Hickory Hardwood Flooring

Hickory is the hardest and most durable hardwood flooring option out there, making it a great choice for high-traffic areas or homes with children and pets. It’s also one of the most unique options, with a wide variety of grain patterns and a mixture of white and brown tones that create an infinite number of combinations once installed. 

Hickory is used to make sports equipment like bows, paddles, and hockey sticks so you know it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The variant in grain patterns and colors make hide dust and dirt more than other types of hardwood flooring, making it easier to maintain. 

Each solid hickory plank is ¾ inches thick, 5 inches wide, and between 2 and 4 feet long. The wood is sourced using the highest quality lumber from Pennsylvania and New York.

Hickory Clear

hickory clear

Natural hickory with a clear, satin polyurethane finish adds authenticity and brings out hickory’s natural variety.

Hickory Dark Brown

hickory dark brown

A darker stain reduces the color variation of natural hickory while retaining the wood’s hardness and creating a sleek look.

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The Steller Guarantee

Steller Floors is committed to both high-quality wood and high-quality craftsmanship. In practice, this means:

  • Our lumber is sourced from trees throughout Pennsylvania and neighboring states
  • Each board receives personal attention from our team before it goes out the door 
  • We take pride in being part of our community and the local economy in central Pennsylvania
  • We take our work very seriously but try not to take ourselves too seriously