Steller Quick Start

Ready to assemble your Steller Floor? Use these quick tips and tricks to make it easy.

Use 3 Quick Steps to Assemble your Steller Floor


Engage the arm of the clip with the milled edge of a plank.


Place the new plank alongside a plank with two clips.


Put weight down on the plank with two clips, and use a quick, light tap to complete assembly.

Simple Assembly

All together now, you can see that once planks are aligned, you place weight on the installed planks and use a quick, light tap to engage the new flooring plank with the clips.

Need to move or remove a plank?

Remove Serial Planks

You can remove planks in large areas quickly by removing whole rows. 

Remove Single Planks

You can also remove a single plank from the center of the room. 

Great Reviews

When homeowners can easily assemble and maintain their own solid hardwood flooring, at Steller Floors we can be proud of the progress we’ve made!