Assembling a steller floor

Pictured: Steller Red Oak Clear

Steller Assembly Service

Assembling a Steller Floor is so easy that we’d be happy to do it for you! Our team of Steller experts can help you on-site, address flooring carpentry challenges at walls, doors, and at changes of orientation, and assemble your Steller Accessories. Check out our competitive rates for the continental US.

Steller Simple

When our Steller Team arrives on site, you can expect the most professional, quickest service available, and you can live on your floor as soon as we’re done–no waiting for the finish to dry!

Ask about Accessories!

Our Steller team can also assemble accessories for you including our own Subfloor Heat Offerings. We aren’t certified electricians and so we can’t do the final installation of electrical components, but we can ensure that any accessory we provide is positioned exactly where you want it in the room.

Our Limitations

Our Steller Team includes some of the best-trained flooring professionals in the industry. However, our team does not include contractors licensed to perform demolition, remediation or construction on your worksite, and so our services are subject to limitations. For furniture removal, subfloor preparation, and trim, you’ll need to hire a local professional.

Interested in our Steller Assembly Service?