Steller DIY Installations with Photos!

Are you debating whether you will DIY your hardwood flooring project this spring? You aren’t alone!

Lots of folks debate whether they are prepared to take on DIY projects or if they should hire a contractor (like these folks).

In flooring, most folks won’t attempt to install hardwood themselves, but Steller is completely changing the game if you want to save on labor by installing planks yourself. We’ve shown how you can level a subfloor yourself and how to install Steller Hardwood yourself (here and here).

But don’t just take it from us! Take some inspiration from our customer’s Steller DIY photos below. Then, give us a call, place an order, or get a quote to get your order started. Our Steller-direct calendar is filling quickly, and so you’ll want to get your reservation placed to get your order exactly when you want it!

These DIY projects in Virginia, South Carolina, Texas and Maryland saved on labor, used excellent materials, and turned out Steller!