Steller Flooring Goes Worldwide!

Ever since we made it big on YouTube (now with over a million views!), fans of Steller Flooring have been asking: When can I get Steller flooring in my home country? When we were a brand new company, we worked to stay small and stay close to our customers.

Now that we have some excellent reviews, high profile installs, and fun projects under our belts, we are proud to start shipping our flooring to regions outside the continental United States!

Obviously, shipping abroad is no small feat, especially when you have something as heavy and delicate as a hardwood floor, and so there are a few steps. We use an approach called EXW or “ex-works” which means we will work with you to coordinate with the shipping company of your choice so that you get your flooring quickly in the highest quality possible.

To order your Steller floor for international destinations beyond the continental US:

1) Get a quote for your floor or order your flooring online and choose “local pickup.”

2) Give us a call at 1-800-955-7671 to arrange international shipping separately from your order. You can pay for your Steller Flooring in USD, and our preferred method is using Paypal or international wire-transfer. You will not pay us directly for shipping, but instead you will pay your selected shipping company for their international services.

3) You will choose the shipping company of your choice and we will work directly with them to provide the required data and export information to the freight operator including export license, Certificate of Origin, and packing lists. The freight operator will help you determine the export/import requirements for your country and we will work with them to comply to the best of our ability.

4) Once your order is ready, we will pack your flooring safely in shipping crates on pallets with their required documentation. Then we will let your freight company know that they can pick up your order here in central Pennsylvania.

There are many well-known freight companies that can help you ship your Steller flooring to your country and they provide great advice (examples include UPS, FedEx, and more).

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to give us a ring at 1-800-955-07671!