Pictured: Steller Red Oak Clear

Warm your Steller Floor

We have identified the highest-quality, American-made subfloor heating material that works optimally with your Steller Solid Hardwood Floor. Just as easy to install as our flooring, this low-profile innovative solution is the perfect fit for spaces you’d like to warm up. Now, we can ship it to you directly from our facility to fit with your specific jobsite needs. 

Incredibly Versatile Warmth

Selectively heat specific areas for comfort, or heat the entire surface of your floor thanks to an ultra-slim profile (0.016″) that makes transitions undetectable. Not ready right now? Retrofit your Steller Floor later!

Efficient and Sustainable

Lower costs to operate than more complicated hydronic systems, this format provides the most efficient way to provide warmth to the center of your room versus baseboards and hydronic heat. 

Certified and Safe

American-made, UL-listed and controlled to below 85 degrees by design, you can’t find a more effective system for safely heating your Steller Solid Hardwood Floor. 

Interested in a Warmer Steller Hardwood Floor?