Elevating Sustainability in Flooring

Steller Floors are designed to out-perform any alternative, while storing carbon with every square foot.

We are the experts in wood sourcing

Let us Ensure that your flooring Improves the Global environment.

Every plank in a Steller solid hardwood floor is sourced from within a 150 mile radius of our facility from secondary-regrowth trees instead of primary forests

In our facility, we source 100% wind and solar electricity and our waste is used for heat or animal bedding to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

Our reuseable and long-lived PVC clips are similarly sourced regionally and are designed to last over 100 years to increase sustainability.

All told, the carbon footprint of a Steller Floors is carbon negative because our floors store more carbon than is emitted during its manufacturing. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you reduce embodied carbon and improve sustainability in your flooring projects!

Steller Floors are built from the highest quality solid wood materials so that they can last as long as possible.

As a solid hardwood, you can refinish your Steller Floor multiple times all at once or one plank at a time.

And, when the life of the materials as a floor is over, Steller Floors can be reused on the walls or as other products.

Since our floors are built to last over 100 years, the carbon stored in the wood of a Steller Floor stays put for at least that long

In order to craft your Steller Floor to precision tolerances, we are committed to promoting living and competitive wages at craft-based careers throughout the supply chain. 

When blue collar workers in forestry and wood product manufacturing have a chance to earn family-sustaining wages, it improves the quality of your floor and it helps sustainability grow in rural Pennsylvania communities.

At Steller Floors, green jobs are local jobs, and living wages are an investment that we make in more sustainable communities.

Sustainability is a measure of Performance

Sustainably harvested, Steller solid hardwoods support American Craftsmanship & are a clean solution for a net-zero future.