Flood Risk and Your Steller Hardwood Flooring

Repairing damages due to water in traditional, nailed-down hardwoods can be very expensive and time consuming, and the risks could reduce the value of your home in a flood zone.

With major real estate websites adding home flood risks to home listings, now is the time to evaluate whether your home is prone to losses due to floods. Evaluate your risk on this new, free website called, “Flood Factor.”

Even less than 6 inches of flooding can damage a traditional hardwood floor. The advantages of Steller Solid Hardwood Flooring for homeowners in flood-prone areas clear: in addition to being made from the highest quality, American-made materials, our installation system reduces your risk exposure to losses due to floods and water damage. These advantages mean you don’t have to sacrifice the look and feel you love just because a 1 in 100 year flood event might occur!

With Steller solid hardwood floors your flood risks are reduced because:

* Sealants on all sides of the wood resist changes due to moisture, which increases the amount of time you have to respond to leaks or puddles near windows and doors.

* Easy installation and removal with a suction cup mean you can remove planks that become wet and air them out to dry and re-install them later, which reduces losses due to floods.

* Easy removal means that you can pre-emptively remove flooring from at-risk areas near exterior doors if a storm is approaching and take it to a safer area of the home, and re-install once danger has passed.

* Simple replacement means that even if some planks are damaged, you can replace the damaged flooring at the per squarefoot price, instead of replacing or refinishing the entire floor. Areas that aren’t affected by water will not need to be repaired. For a 1,000 sqft area with 100 sqft of damage, this approach saves over $3,000!

* Easy installation and removal reduces materials and labor costs associated with repairs, or you can even move the flooring yourself!

Are you thinking about your flood risks? Let us help you think about your flooring renovation! Get a quote or give us a call at 1-800-955-7671!