Incredible NYC High-rise Steller Assembly

picture of new york case study

Steller Solid Hardwood Flooring is growing to new heights in many ways this season, and we couldn’t be more excited!

With an increased level of visibility thanks to our highlight in Fine Homebuilding, folks from near and far have been inquiring about how to get our flooring for their homes and commercial spaces. Plus, with a number of both professional and DIY assbbilies nationwide, we are starting a new trend of featuring customer testimonials about their experience with Steller flooring. Stay tuned this fall for more stories from our customers!

In October 2019, a brand new Steller Hardwood Floor was assmbled in a high-rise NYC condo by the high-end design and construction firm, The Court-Wright Group. In this building, like many high-rise buildings, water leaks from above had ruined the family’s flooring on more than one occasion, and continuous renovations made it difficult to settle into a routine. Not only were the owner’s looking for solid hardwood alternatives that were less painful to assemble, but the insurance company was curious about our sealed, easy-to-and easy to replace, solid hardwood floors. Plus, with our floors, the family can change the style quickly, painlessly, and without waste if they wish!

The assembly process took this team of craftsmen less than two half-days

The assembly process took this team of craftsmen less than two half-days (governed by strict building hours), and we have an amazing time-lapse video showing how many folks on the team got excited and played their part in helping assemble the flooring. To see the video on our Instagram page, click here and follow the Instagram account @courtwrightgroup to learn more!

This incredible flooring stain was designed specifically for this project, but it turned out so beautifully, that we are now offering the stain as a standard offering called “City Oak.” The wide planks, the level of grain raise, the authentic oak texture and the color variation among boards are all directly on trend for flooring. What an incredible final product, with an incredible view!

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