Our Unique Advantages

You probably already know that Steller Solid Hardwood Floors challenge everything we know about traditional flooring, but here are a few of the unique advantages that we hope you won’t miss.

Forever Fresh

Life happens, and it is particularly unkind to floors. Fortunately, we’ve designed things so you can love your Steller floor forever. Problems can either be solved by simply swapping a damaged board with a good board elsewhere, or with refresher packs that include small amounts of flooring that will match the rest of the floor. Fixes are easy and small, not all-or-nothing.

Steller Assembly Service

We love assembling our floors as much as you do. When our Steller Team arrives on site, you can expect the most professional, quickest service available, and you can live on your unique floor as soon as we’re done–no waiting for the finish to dry!

Steller Subfloor Heat

We have challenged the status quo in flooring assembly, and we aren’t stopping there. Check out all of the innovative accessories and products we’re bringing online including subfloor heat!

Obsessive Quality

An obsession with perfection results in a level of precision and consistency necessary for our floors to be assembled so easily. With precision down to two thousandths of an inch, you won’t need to order any overage in anticipation of unusable boards. Every board is perfect, which makes living with a Steller floor so satisfying.

Pre-finished and Sealed

To preserve the perfection we have invested, each board arrives prefinished, sealed on all sides and ready to install. We exclusively use the industry’s lowest VOC finishes and sealants to protect our workers, your floor, and yourself!








100% American Made

Our floors use only wood from native American hardwoods sourced within 150 miles of our production facility in Pennsylvania. All of our processing employs local labor and expertise to create the finest, most satisfying floor you’ll ever own.


Whether you want to move planks around to take advantage of an upgrade, to replace a damaged board or simply because you’d prefer a specific board in a specific spot, you can – in seconds. This unique adaptability accommodates changes in your living environment and leads to a longevity and contribution toward sustainability that exceeds that of any other floor.


The price of each floor includes your pre-finished and sealed flooring planks ready to assemble, assembly clip, perimeter spacing gasket, assembly kit with rough-surface suction cup, rubber mallet, pvc shears, water-based sealant for cuts made onsite (with orders exceeding 500sqft).