Which Sheen is Your Style?

When you’re thinking about buying a new hardwood floor, one question you’ll need to answer is what sheen you’d like to have in the finish.

Polyurethane finishes are just as tough no matter what sheen you choose, so you can make the decision between sheens based on the aesthetics that appeal to you!




Matte– One of the main reasons for selecting a Matte finish is so that your new hardwood floor will appear more natural, even if you have selected to have your new floor stained. Along with this matte finish you do not have the light bounce back as with a glossier finish and you will see the grain clearly in all light settings. For this reason it does hide some imperfections, and so it helps keep your floor appearing authentic for longer–and who doesn’t like that?

A few other benefits of selecting a Matte Finish are the Visual Appeal. Matte finish is one of the latest flooring trends of 2020. A matte finish will add to the rustic feel and then lack of reflective areas will add a splash of the modern clean line look.

Satin – Very similar to a semigloss finish, satin helps in masking marks such as scuffs and/or scratches as easily. Satin finish is fairly neutral and works well with most wood species and colors, including water based stains. A satin finish has roughly 35-40% luster and it does not require a lot of maintenance, which makes it great for a traditional or a more formal design. However, since it is neither semi-gloss nor matte, some find the low luster of the satin finish makes their hardwood floors look a little on the dull side.

Semi-gloss – This finish has a higher luster than its counterparts Matte and Satin finishes, which means more light reflects off of your floors, giving you a more formal feel. Semigloss finishes dramatically increase the amount of light reflected in a room which can make rooms feel brighter if they have few windows, if it is night time, or if the colors of the room are quite dark. The reflective light accents the beauty of your hardwood floor whether you have selected to go with a natural finish or if you chose to have your floor stained because more light will reflect off the grain patterns. While a Semi-gloss finish is a little more durable than the Satin finish, a Semi-gloss finish can sometimes show scratches a little more.

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Matte Finish



Matte Finish



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