How do I manage humidity in my home?

Measuring and managing humidity is one of the most important ways to ensure longevity for your home and for your Steller Floor.

Wood is a natural material and it responds to humidity and liquid water by expanding when it absorbs moisture or shrinking when the material dries. It is lucky for us that dried wood products and humans are comfortable in the same climate conditions (approx. 35-50% RH and 65-80 degrees F).

Monitoring humidity is easy

Monitoring humidity in your home is as easy as purchasing a basic thermometer/hygrometer at a local hardware store. These tools are $30 on average and run on triple-A batteries. More expensive systems can even sync with your smartphone!

The key to using these systems is to place them where they can provide valuable data. If you place your sensor in a sunny window, it will tend to tell you it is quite warm and dry in that area, whereas if you place it in the corner along the floor, it will probably tell you that it is cooler and more humid. 

For the most accurate readings, you want to pick a spot for your temperature or humidity sensor that represents the average climate in the room and isn't subject to drafts or prolonged light exposure.

Managing humidity isn't difficult

Modern tools and appliances are available to help you manage the humidity in your home including small, readily available humidifiers and dehumidifiers. These appliance cost between $30 and $300 and are available at hardware stores, big box stores and online. You can also have more elaborate systems installed with modern HVAC systems and these add-ons tend to be very affordable for the level of comfort they can bring you in your home ($200 to $2,000).

When you should or shouldn't worry about wood products

Wood tends to be very reactive to liquid water, but how quickly does it react to humidity? Remember, your wood products tend to react to humidity shifts over weeks or months rather than days, so you don't need to worry if you accidentally leave your window open one night. However, if you have drafty windows that allow your room to get too humid in the months of the spring, however, you might start to see expansion in your floor planks.

Dramatic (both short-term and prolonged) humidity swings aren't uncommon, and with a Steller Floor, they're manageable. In these cases, sealing up the window and using a dehumidifier are cheap and effective ways to protect your home, your flooring and your own health!

What if a dramatic humidity swing occurs in my home?

If the humidity in your home swings outside our recommended range for longer than a few days and you notice your planks expanding or shrinking, it's prudent to take steps to reduce your humidity or increase it, respectively. Use a humidifier or dehumidifier in the room with your Steller Floor and it will return to normal over time. 


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