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Amazing Real Hardwood Floors

Highest Quality & Easy to Install & Repair - DIY & Pro.
Prefinished & Sealed, Real Solid Wood. 100% Made in the USA using Craftsmanship & Wind Power. Ships Direct from Pennsylvania.



Amazing Real Hardwood Floors

Highest Quality & Easy to Install & Repair - DIY & Pro.
Prefinished & Sealed, Real Solid Wood. 100% Made in the USA using Craftsmanship & Wind Power. Ships Direct from Pennsylvania.
Starting Your Steller Floors Project is Easy

Learn more about Steller Floors

Steller Floors' High Quality & Innovative Install

Every Steller Floor is made of the highest quality real, solid hardwood materials so that it is easier to install and care for than any other floor. This means your floor has the greatest lifetime value possible.

Steller Floors only have basic site requirements, specifically typical indoor humidity and industry standard subfloor flatness specs. And, Steller Floors are compatible with plywood, concrete, subfloor heat, and raised panel subfloors.

For more detailed information, discover our Steller Floors Knowledge Hub.

See Amazing Results in Steller Showcases

With a wide range of species and styles, you can see great results in showcases of both professional and DIY Steller Projects - installed over plywood, concrete, subfloor heat & raised panel floors.

In our showcases, we highlight Steller Floors in a range of exciting residential DIY projects and upscale custom residential remodels. In commercial spaces, Steller Floors have been successful in light commercial restaurants including bakeries and wine bars. We've highlighted several installations in commercial offices and in higher education as well. In addition, our most beautiful installation, by far, has been luxury retail installation in the bridal studio, The Radiant Bride.

Most recently we've highlighted our speediest install, the 4,000 sqft expo booth for Blum, which was installed in a flash for the KBIS show is Las Vegas. See them all in our showcases! 

Hear Real Clients' Steller Flooring Stories

We are proud that there are hundreds of Happy Steller Floors Clients nationwide, and the number of positive testimonials - and clients who return to expand their flooring projects - is growing quickly. Our testimonial page includes:

+ Homeowner & Grammy Nominee, Eliesha, describes her own DIY Steller Flooring Project

+ Generalist, David, describes his first time installing Steller Floors Professionally

+ Business Owner, Andy, describes his Steller Floor ownership experience

+ Master Builder, Matt Risinger, sees an Install in Austin

+ Interior Designer, Kim Lewis, chooses Steller White Oak for Her Home

 + Master Craftsman, Brent Hull, reviews Steller Floors

Why are Steller Floors America's Fastest Growing Flooring Brand?

Steller Floors are 50x better & directly price-competitive with similar flooring options

Steller Floors are For You

Join Hundreds of Happy Steller Floors Clients Nationwide

Just recently, a Steller Homeowner called. "It HAPPENED!" she said. Read more...

Britta, a Steller Floors Co-Founder, was surprised by the emotion coming over the phone line. Generally, there is not much panic in the flooring business.

 "Oh, jeez - ok. What happened?" Britta replied.

"Well, we went on vacation, and our pet sitter over-watered our plants.

She continued, "Watermarks stained our new Steller Floors, and it would have been devastating on any other new floor.

"But here we were with a Steller Floor! So, we pulled out our handy suction cup, popped out the three planks, and in minutes - it is as good as new! My husband and I are just sitting here beside ourselves laughing.

"It was such a small area, but it was so visible - it would have cost thousands to fix! And so we called you. Thank you."

Saving Steller Floors Clients thousands of dollars in an instant is why we come to work every day.

Ready to Discover Steller Floors Samples?

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Let's Make Your Flooring Project Easy, Together. 
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Planning a Flooring Project?

Let's Make your Flooring Project Easy, Together.

Get a Quick Site Assessment Done

Measure your space, and get a sense for the subfloor construction to start. Looking for more details?

Pick Out Your Steller Floor

Start with the Style Guide and Order Samples to find the perfect fit. Looking for Expert Steller Guidance? Our Team would be thrilled to help.

Experience the Steller Advantage

With the fastest & easiest installation in the market, installing your Steller Floor yourself or with a contractor is more amazing than ever before.

Who is making all of these amazing hardwood floors? It's us!

We Love Talking About Flooring

Learn More About Hardwoods in The Steller Blog!

See Steller FLoors Showcases

Discover Steller Floors Showcases

Annual Steller Showcases

Browse each of our showcase projects to see how Steller Floors have been used in homescommercial officesrestaurants & bars, and retail spaces. 

Steller Features

Steller Solid Wood Floors made these projects easier, faster and more flexible in both renovations and new builds.

Experience the Steller Advantage

Our team is based in the USA and has extensive knowledge about hardwoods. We would love to work with you as you plan your flooring project.

Steller Floors are Raising the Bar in Flooring in 50+ Ways

Steller Floors Fit Your Lifestyle


Steller Floors are pre-finished with Low VOC, UV-cured polyurethane that and can be easily repaired or replaced when pets make a mess.

Subfloor Heating

Unmatched by any other kind of flooring, Steller Floors are compatible with a variety of subfloor heating components.


With no nails or glue, and no certifications required, Steller Floors can be installed by DIY homeowners or your favorite local contractor.

Renovation Ready

Would you like to undertake your flooring renovation in stages? Steller Floors are ideal for breaking your project into different parts.


Steller Solid Wood Planks are sealed on all sides to help them resist liquid water and dramatic changes in humidity. 

Subfloor Construction

Subfloors must be flat within 1/8" over 8-10 ft and include plywood/OSB, concrete, subfloor heat and more.

"Steller Floors is small company focused on making great floors, and we plan on staying that way. We won't ever sell whole floors online using e-commerce for a reason. Instead, we're innovating to make the Steller Floors experience infinitely better for both existing and future clients. Just wait and see - 'Amazing' in 2024 is just the beginning. "
~ Britta Teller, PhD

Chief Sustainability Officer & Co-Founder, Steller Floors

Authentic Beauty

Steller Floors are Solid Hardwood

6 American Species & a Range of Finishes to Suit Your Aesthetic.

Easy Install & Care

Steller Floors are Easy to Install 

Assemble DIY or with Your Favorite Local Contractor.

Extraordinary Value

Invest in the Highest Quality

Made 100% in the USA Using Craftsmanship

Steller Floors Pricing

Cost-Competitive with Alternatives

Steller Floors have Amazing Lifetime Value at Amazing Prices.