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Steller Floors are For You

Adding the beauty and sustainability of native North American Hardwoods to your designs has never been easier. Steller Solid Hardwood Floors float without nails or glue over concrete or OSB.

Au naturale or stained, we have great options to bring your client’s interior aesthetic to life. Change your mind as styles change? We have your back then, too. 

When your property goes to work for you as a rental or lease, a Steller Floor means easier assembly and repairs and higher ROI over its lifetime versus any other flooring variety.  

Ready for industry leading quality, speed and convenience? Us too. Reach out to see all the ways we make your flooring install easier.

A house is home, and floors are foundational. Invest in a furniture-grade Steller solid hardwood floor that can grow and change as part of the family.

Industry-Leading Performance in Solid Wood

Simple, Fast Assembly

Steller Floors don't use nails or glue, so our floors are quick to assemble for DIYers and Professionals.

Low-cost, Easy Repairs

Re-think refinishing because dings and spills require only a suction cup to repair without calling a contractor.

Lowest Lifetime Costs

Consider your Steller Floor an asset that you can use, re-use and even re-sell over its long lifetime.

Sustainability without Sacrifice

A Message from Our Founders

At Steller Floors, each material we use is carefully sourced for the benefit our clients, our local communities, and our forests. 

Sustainability is an important and complex topic, and so we believe that transparency is crucial. 

We invite you to learn more and join the conversation about how Steller Floors challenge the status quo in flooring for a more sustainable future.

Changing the Game in Flooring

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