How to repair a Steller Hardwood Floor

Repairing your hardwood floor has never been easier. Steller Floors are the world’s only hardwood floor that is “Forever Fresh”.

Steller Floors are just like any other prefinished wood flooring product in terms of hardness and durability. That said, Steller Floors are also easier to repair than any other flooring option because our floors aren't permanently fixed to the subfloor. Instead of allowing damage to accumulate, you can manage issues as they arise. In this page, we will answer the following questions:

Do I need a professional to make repairs?

Since Steller Floors are not nailed or glued to the subfloor, you do not need to hire specialized labor. No certifications are necessary to install or repair a Steller Floor, so do it yourself or hire a local handyman!

What if I only damage a small area of my hardwood floor? 

Steller floors are demountable which means that you can easily remove planks and clips without complex tools or labor. You can remove a damaged plank and swap it with a plank hidden under your furniture. And, we sell Refresher Packs if planks are in need of replacement. 

What if I need to replace a section of my hardwood floor? 

You can order replacement planks at price per square foot costs, rather than replacing or resurfacing large areas. If the damage is caused by water, take these steps to repair affected planks before buying new ones. 

Can I resurface or refinish a Steller Hardwood Floor?

You could always site-refinish a Steller Floor, but why would you? Since Steller Floors are demountable, we encourage you to rethink how you approach flooring problems. Instead of refinishing corners of the room you don't walk on, only tend to damaged planks and high-traffic areas to reduce material and labor costs associated with hardwood floor repairs. 

If you want to refinish to a new color, consider reselling your floor instead on eBay or Facebook Marketplace and ordering a new floor. If you still want to refinish it, you can!

Reach out for Steller Support!

We are here to help you with your flooring project and if any questions begin to vex you, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We can help you troubleshoot over the phone, by email, or by zoom appointment! 1-800-955-7671 or