How to make trim and stair treads that match Steller Floors

Making matching materials has never been easier!

Here at Steller Floors, we are experts at making solid hardwood planks that are built to last for generations. We have not yet expanded into other products like trim and stair treads because they are much easier to create and install locally.

Here's how to get treads, trim and other wood products to match your Steller Floor:

1) Collect samples of all your materials locally.

You might have decided to use pine or oak trim that is widely available at hardware stores and online, but you have chosen a different species for your Steller Floor. Collect sample pieces of each material you hope to match. 

2) Visit a local paint store that provides wood finishes.

Once you have collected all of your samples, bring them to your local paint retailer. Sherwin Williams stores provide a free stain matching service for their customers and your stain can be made from any of their stain lines including water and oil-based stains.

In our experience, it can take 3-5 days for an expert on their team to provide stains to match or complement your Steller Floor, but it can take up to two weeks. With your approval, they release the stain to you for purchase.

3) Install your materials and apply your custom stain and finish. 

When you apply stains that you purchase from other manufacturers, we strongly recommend following their application directions and testing a small area of the room first to ensure the best match in color and sheen. 

Reach out for Steller Support!

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