How to recover from a flood with a Steller Floor

It is always worrying when a big storm or renovation could harm your flooring investment--let us help you prepare!

When floods happen to traditional wood floors, owners are often left to wait and see how their floors will react to excess moisture. Will it be ruined and need to be replaced, or will they get away with it this time? We won't leave you in that predicament. 

Floods are often surprises, but with a Steller Floor, you are often able to save your flooring investment. Since Steller Floors are not fixed to the subfloor with nails or glue, you can remove, dry and reuse planks after water exposure. You can't always prepare for the worst, but when you can, it is always nice to know that you can take steps to help protect your flooring investment. 

How can I prevent water damage to my hardwood floor before it happens?

Easy removal means that you can pre-emptively remove flooring from at-risk areas near exterior doors if a storm is approaching and take it to a safer area of the home. Single planks can be removed from any part of the floor using a suction cup. Then, re-install once the storm has passed.

How quickly should I react to a wet hardwood floor?

As with any investment, it is always best to react as quickly as you can. However, we've taken steps to protect your planks including adding sealants on all sides of the wood to resist changes due to moisture. This increases the amount of time you have to react without causing any long-term damage. And, with easy DIY installation, removal, and repairs reduce the material and labor costs associated with flood damage, so you don't need to wait for specialized workers or materials. 

How do I respond if hardwood planks are exposed to water? 

First, remove the affected section of flooring. Single planks of a Steller Floor can be removed from any area of the room using a suction cup without disturbing the rest of the floor. 

Second, dry the removed planks thoroughly using a towel. Before reinstalling, leave planks in a climate-controlled environment using a dehumidifier to remove any excess moisture from the subfloor and planks. This will ensure that no water becomes trapped underneath the floor.

Once your room has returned to our recommended standard of 35% to 50% RH ("relative humidity"), you can reinstall your Steller Floor.


What if my hardwood floor is damaged beyond repair?

Even if some planks are damaged, you can replace the damaged section of flooring at the per square foot price instead of replacing or refinishing the entire floor. Areas that aren't affected by water will not need to be repaired. For a 1,000 sqft area with 100 sqft of damage, this approach saves over $3,000!

Reach out for Steller Support!

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