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Why are Steller Floors Clips Priced Separately?

Some folks would like to see "an all-in price," but Steller Floors doesn't do it that way. What gives?

Like all flooring and home improvement stores, Steller Floors, wood components (planks) are priced separately from clips (like nails and and glues or other adhesives). 

Then, our customers can compare our products on an apples to apples basis.

Interestingly, on an per square foot basis, high-end adhesives for 3/4" engineered wood products range from $3-7 per square foot - or more if you're gluing to concrete.

And, when you compare our products to other similar assembly systems in decking or wall panels, our pricing is right in line for systems with additional high quality components.

Plus, Steller Floors are not permanently installed, so they do not ruin your subfloor the way traditionally installed materials do - so there are additional savings with Steller as well.

We love comparing materials on an apples-to-apples basis!

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