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Why can't I buy a floor without talking to a Steller employee?

Our business is built on trust and expertise, and we want to know our clients.

When we were a young manufacturing company in flooring, every single business adviser told us that the key to success was selling flooring to distributors or retailers in volume or by using e-commerce, and (ideally) never actually speaking to a customer. 

To us, nothing could have sounded like a worse idea. Doesn't the world have enough flooring manufacturers just like that? We have been running the opposite direction ever since. 

Steller Floors treats every client and floorboard like family, and we are building our flooring and our customer service program so well that we would love to see our flooring and our customers again throughout their long and complicated lives. 

So, let's make your flooring project as fast and easy as possible, together! Once we establish a relationship with you, it is easy for you to reach out to us with any questions about cleaning, repairing or reselling that may arise down the road. 

Get in touch with a Steller representative by getting a quote, calling (800)-955-7671 or emailing sales@floorsbysteller.com


Reach out for Steller Support!

We are here to help you with your flooring project and if any questions begin to vex you, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We can help you troubleshoot over the phone, by email, or by zoom appointment! 1-800-955-7671 or support@floorsbysteller.com