Do I need to acclimate my Steller Floor before Installation?

Most climate controlled spaces are already ready for a Steller Floor!

Steller Floors are made of the highest quality, kiln-dried solid wood and they are milled to precise tolerances under climate control in our manufacturing facility. Our woodshop is set at 70-75 degrees F and 45% RH, year-round. Then, we seal the planks on all sides: polyurethane on the wear surface, and paraffin wax on the other sides--which keeps the plank stable in shipping and in your home. Then, we take another step of sealing the planks in shrink-wrap before shipment.

That means if your interior space has stabilized in our recommended range of 35-50%RH and around 70 degrees F, you will not need to acclimate your floor before installation--your floor already matches the human comfort zone.

How do I control the humidity in my home?

Humidity is an important measure inside every home to help prevent mold growth, care for wood products, and for your own personal health. If you aren't sure how to control, don't worry! It is easy and cost-effective, and we have pointers for that!

How do I control the humidity in my home?

If your home is more dry or humid than our range

If your home is outside the recommended range (35-50% RH), that's generally ok! Especially in arid regions, your interior space may be significantly drier than the human comfort zone. In these cases, we recommend acclimating your Steller Floor for 2 weeks for every 5% RH your space is outside the range. For example, if your home is at 30% RH, you should acclimate your floor for about two weeks (see below).


If I need to, how do I properly acclimate my Steller Hardwood Floor?

Acclimating a Steller Hardwood Floor is basically the same as any other solid hardwood floor: once your space has reached your desired temperature and RH, remove the flooring planks from the packages and set the flooring in the room where it is intended to be installed. If at all possible, use spacers between layers of wood so that air can access as much surface area as possible. It is always a good idea to acclimate flooring outside of direct sunlight and to circulate the air in the room using a fan to help the floors get used to the space.


Why do most other hardwood floors need to be acclimated and a Steller Floor doesn't?


     That is a great question! Most other hardwood flooring companies do not climate control their facilities, either due to expense or inconvenience (or both). That means that the wood in the facility responds to exposure to outdoor air during manufacturing.

     Ever wonder why your old hardwood floor planks don't seem milled precisely? A lack of climate control during milling is one good reason.

     When other hardwood floors are brought indoors, they need to get used to a new temperature and humidity--which is why they need to sit for two weeks before you can install them.

     Interesting, right? ;)

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