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Steller Walnut Herringbone

Unveiling Walnut Herringbone at The Radiant Bride

Never Before has Authentic Beauty in Solid Wood met such Exciting Innovation.

  • Real Solid Hardwood

    This Beautiful Steller Walnut Herringbone from our Heirloom Luxe Collection welcomes clients to a Destination Bridal Studio, The Radiant Bride, in Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Floating over Concrete

    Installed without nails or glue, this Solid Hardwood Steller Floor is "floating" over a commercially poured new slab of concrete with a moisture barrier.

  • Installed Quickly

    With no certifications required, this floor was assembled and trimmed over two and a half days by a team of three just before the shop opened in 2023.

  • Simple Repairs

    If a glass of champagne or a high heel damages a plank, a simple suction cup can remove any plank for replacement or refinishing with no downtime.

  • Commercial Tax Advantages

    In commercial spaces, ask your accountant about accelerated depreciation under Section 1245 of the US Tax Code.

Steller Floors Walnut Herringbone
Radiant Bride Steller Suction Cup

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