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Start Your Project with Steller

The Steller Style Guide

Steller Floors has made installing & owning wood floors easy & fun. Now we're making shopping easier, too.

In this guide, we tell you why folks shop by:

Species: Browse 6 Hardwood Species in Detail

Grain: Consider Traditional or Modern Aesthetics

Color: Balance Bright, Mid-Tone & Dark Options

& Budget via Steller Product Line

Let's Make Your Flooring Project Easy, Together.

By Species: Shop Steller Floors by Wood

Real, Solid Hardwoods are Better with Steller Assembly

Every authentic species of wood has a true color and grain pattern - and every plank is slightly different.

Finish and stain can modify the final look, but generally the original character is intended to shine through. Tap tiles below to learn more about each of our 6, real solid wood species.

Shop Steller Floors by Grain

Do you want your hardwood flooring to have "Main Character Energy" in your space, or should it make a quieter statement?

Traditional, strong-grained species stand out in a room, and feel more rustic (if you let them-there are always exceptions). They are also better experts at hiding dust and dirt.

Modern, subtle-grained species - like maple - in contrast, lend a cool, bright aesthetic to interior spaces.

Compare Steller 1

Shop Steller Floors by Color

How do you want your space to feel?  Brighter. Warmer. Welcoming? Cozy.

Most of these feelings are closely related to a color.

Bright floors tend to reflect more light and make a room feel cooler & more open - almost as if the room is connected to the outdoors.

Darker floors make rooms feel warm and cozy - welcoming a visitor to stay and feel more comfortable.

In the middle of the road are Mid-tone floors, which are a great balance of both - especially in seasonal climates - because they feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Steller Shop by Color

Shop Steller Floors by Budget

Sometimes its best to kick off a design by figuring out what's in the budget - or what we can squeeze in!

The great news is that here at Steller, we have lots of variety for every budget.

And, once you consider the installation & lifetime cost savings of Steller Floors sometimes have advantages that surprise you!



Love Flooring Savings? 

Lowest Cost  Install & Repair + Longest Lived  Steller Floors = Best Value
Steller Floors Curated Sample Experience
American Oak
American Oak Sample Kit
Heirloom Assortment
Heirloom Assortment Kit
Heirloom Luxe Assortment
Heirloom Luxe Assortment Kit

The Steller Curated Sample Experience

$35.00  $50.00

Are you planning your flooring project, and want hands-on guidance? Choose our expanded sample kit experience! With this sample kit, you'll get:

A range of six different Steller Floors sample options
A consultation (on zoom or via phone call) with our experts who can help you plan your project
Confidence that your flooring project will be amazing. We love working with you!

Plus, get it all TOTALLY FREE! When you meet with our team member, you can request a rebate for the full cost of the sample kit.




Steller Style F. A. Q.


Does Steller Floors offer Herringbone & Parquetry?

We do! We are very excited to work with you to design a Steller Floor with exciting geometric designs and transitions -- all with the world's easiest to install & maintain planks. Simply reach out to our team for a quote and we'll reach out to discuss your project.

What happens if Steller Floors retires a stain color or plank format?

Our goal is to provide you with a forever-fresh floor, and we're not kidding! We always keep our stain recipes on file and we can make refresher packs for any of our clients upon request. No need to keep those extra boxes of flooring sitting around!

Does Steller Floors provide custom stains, plank widths or species?

We do! Our team looks forward to working with you on your custom flooring project including stain color matching, plank widths from 3 and 3/4" to 6" wide, and any North American Hardwood Species. Simply reach out for a quote and we can start discussing your project!

Does Steller Floor provide ultra-long, ultra-wide or distressed flooring?

No. Our goal is to provide the longest-lived, solid wood flooring possible. Ultra-wide/long formats and distressed flooring are trendy, but they're either engineered materials that are prone to delamination or low-grade solid wood what won't survive in the long-term. 

Authentic Beauty

Steller Floors are Solid Hardwood

6 American Species & a Range of Finishes to Suit Your Aesthetic.

Easy Install & Care

Steller Floors are Easy to Install 

Assemble DIY or with Your Favorite Local Contractor.

Extraordinary Value

Invest in the Highest Quality

Made 100% in the USA Using Craftsmanship

Steller Floors Pricing

Cost-Competitive with Alternatives

Steller Floors have Amazing Lifetime Value at Amazing Prices.