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Steller Floors bring Joy
Style that Brings Joy
Steller Hickory
Tallahassee Hickory by Steller. This strong-grained species is very traditional. It has the look, grain and character of wood.
Hard Maple Tucson

Hard Maple Tucson by Steller. Hard maple has very modern grain patterns because they are subtle. 

Grain: Traditional or Modern?

One of the most classic choices in Hardwood Floors is whether you prefer a distinctive, traditional grain pattern or a more subtle, modern grain pattern. We've helped you by setting aside sample packs from each category.  

Napa Hard Maple by Steller
Napa Hard Maple by Steller. This brightly colored floor brings light in the room and reflects it to make rooms feel more spacious.
Templeton Hard Maple by Steller
Templeton Hard Maple by Steller. This mid tone aesthetic is great in seasonal climates because it makes interiors feel warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.
Dublin Hard Maple by Steller
Dublin Hard Maple by Steller. This dark floor makes a modern statement in any interior space and brings an upscale feel.

Color: Bright, Mid-tone or Dark?

Maybe the grain pattern is less important to you than the overall color tone of the floor. That's why we have set aside different tone categories including bright, mid tone, and dark flooring sample packs.  

White Oak Tempe by Steller
White Oak Tempe by Steller. In some regions, white oak is extremely popular and alternatives aren't an option.
Tallahassee Hickory by Steller
Tallahassee Hickory by Steller. If you like strong and unique grain patterns, there’s no better choice than hickory
Walnut Tahoe by Steller
Walnut Tahoe by Steller. Walnut is extraordinarily distinctive and in a class of its own. 

Shop by Species

Maybe you already know exactly which species you are looking for. Since Steller Floors are built to last generations, you might want to see what each wood looks like in different finishes. Either way, we have sample packs for that!

Shop by Price

Have a budget in mind? Check out each price tier of Steller Floors to find the ultimate combination of price and value.


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Order Steller Samples:

Once you have narrowed your choices using the style guides above, order samples to help make your final decision!

Start your Steller Flooring Project!

Once you have your floor picked out, you're ready to work with us to get your order finalized!