How do I hire an installer for my Steller Floor?

Steller Floors are easy enough for you to install yourself, but what if you don't want to, or aren't able to? Here's how to find the right installer at the right price.

Steller Floors are so easy to install that accountants, plant biologists and radiologists have installed them for themselves. So, that shows that you don't need an installer with fancy certifications or a long track record to install your floor. But, you still want to find someone who will do a good job. 

Here at Steller, we really wish we could install your floor for you, but we are sticking to our knitting by continuing to refine our manufacturing process for the time being. That way, you get the best floor that is easy to install by almost anyone.

Here's how to find a great, local installer for your flooring project:

1) Start with your network. Ask your friends and neighbors if they know anyone who they trust who might be interested in learning a new flooring option. Ideally, these folks will be contractors with references, licenses and insurance. 

2) If you don't know anyone local, look online for local home-repair and flooring or carpet services. Ideally, whoever does the job is willing to work by the hour within a particular scope-of-work. Sometimes flooring installers prefer to quote by square-foot, which is fine. If that's the case, make sure they're charging closer to their vinyl-plank prices instead of their traditional hardwood prices -- it can make a big difference!

- Why should Steller Floors install prices differ from traditional hardwoods? There are a few major reasons. First, there are no certifications required for our floors. Our Steller Floors planks are guaranteed to be straight and flat, pre-finished and self-aligning (if they aren't we'll replace them), so no complex carpentry is required on site to make poorly manufactured planks fit. Second, Steller Floors install as quickly as vinyl. No Nails or Glue means lower costs. And, Steller Floors have less liability. When a floors is glued and nailed down, and finished on site, scratches and water damage that is incurred during install is a high cost. With Steller, replacing a few planks is easy and very low-cost.

3) Finally, make sure that the contractor you choose is open to meeting with us via zoom or over a phone call ahead of installation. We are happy to help them during a free pre-install consultation to make sure they get started on the right foot. During that consultation, we'll ask them:

- Whether they've checked the subfloor for flatness - and if it needs remediation, if it can be remediated quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

- If they are familiar with acclimation for dry climates.

- If they are familiar with expansion gaps, and how Steller Floors should be installed (according to our installation guide).

- How they're planning to approach assembly so that they can get it done in the fastest way possible.

- How they're planning to approach transitions and if they need any suggestions.

While general contractors and local handy-folks are often more than capable of installing a Steller Floor, it is always a good sign when they are willing to meet with the manufacturer to make sure the project has the best outcome!


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