How to Install a Floating Hardwood Floor by Steller

Installing a Steller Floor is so easy that no certifications are required — making it the perfect DIY flooring project.

Once you have ensured your subfloor and indoor climate meet our recommendations, you're ready to unpack your beautiful Steller hardwood floor! 

Step 1: Unpack your Steller Floor

Practice snapping together clips and boards to get a sense of just how stress-free this process will be. 

Each crate contains:

  • Steller Floor Planks 
  • Steller Floor Clips
  • Wax for finishing fresh cuts
  • Expanded foam gasket for maintaining a 1/2" expansion gap

Besides what is included in the box, you will need: 

  • One or more individuals (this can be your family or a local handyperson)
  • A table saw and miter saw to cut edges
  • A non-marking rubber mallet, suction cup and PVC shears (available from us or others) 

Step 2: Begin assembly 

With Steller Floors, you can begin your assembly anywhere in the room, and easily push groups of boards from the middle of the floor into uncomfortable turns or egdes. Thanks to our patented Steller Assembly System, a 200-square-foot room will fly by as fast as LVP. Watch this video for a demonstration of the assembly process:


Quick Start Guide: 


First, snap the arm of a Steller clip into the milled edge of a Steller plank.


Second, Place a new plank alongside a plank with two clips.



Third, hold down the first plank with two clips. Use a quick, light tap along the second plank until milled edges and clips are secure. You can use your hands, stomp with your feet, or use a rubber mallet.

Step 3: Complete Installation

Continue, using the methods from step 4, to join sections of flooring until complete. When you encounter trim and transitions, please read: 

Professional Tips: When you complete a room

When you reach the final row of the room, all you need to do is use a table saw to rip your Steller Floor planks or your a miter saw to shorten the length to fit. Then use the waxy sealant to finish the fresh cuts.

Along the final wall under the trim, the final plank can lay on the subfloor without a final clip against the foam gasket. The distance from the underside of the plank to the floor is a maximum of 0.016" which is about three sheets of printer paper. If you wish you can use ramboard or another uncompressable material to shim the last row of planks, but it isn't necessary.

In addition, if you don't like working against a wall, you can choose to stop four or five rows short of the final wall and measure the distance to the wall along the rows. Since Steller Floors are manufactured so precisely, you can pre-assemble the final rows and push three or four rows towards the final wall. Then the last row is snapped straight down in the fourth or fifth row back from the wall. 


Reach out for Steller Support!

We are here to help you with your flooring project and if any questions begin to vex you, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We can help you troubleshoot over the phone, by email, or by zoom appointment! 1-800-955-7671 or