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Steller 2024 - Easy Installation & Care
Steller 2024 - Simple Installation and Care

Easy, Fast Installation & Simple Care

Steller Floors are quick and easy to install without nails or glue by DIY or Professionals, over plywood, concrete and more.

  • Fast Assembly

    Install Steller Floors quickly with no nails or glue. Easily install 500 sqft with 1-2 people in an afternoon. No certification needed, so you can get help from your local handyperson.

  • Simple Repairs

    Even a Steller Floor is not immune to wear and tear. But if you get a scratch, dent, or stain, simply use a suction cup to remove and repair the plank.

  • Remove for Any Reason at Any Time

    Easily remove and re-install your Steller Floors for renovations, refinishing, or re-sale.

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Our Team Helps Out On-Demand!

Our team has all of the resources you need to make sure your flooring project goes off without a hitch. See the fastest ways we have to get you assistance.

  • Schedule a Free Zoom Call

    Every Steller Floor Order includes a free zoom call from our studio with one of our experts. We can help you get started quickly, answer any questions, and even tell awesome jokes!

  • Knowledge Hub On-Demand

    Have questions? No matter where you are or what time it is, our Knowledge Hub has the answers.

People installing Steller

Steller Install F.A.Q.

Can Steller Floors be installed in my particular situation?

Probably, yes! Steller Floors can be installed over plywood, concrete, subfloor heat and more. As long as your subfloor is level within 1/8" over 8-10' (can't fit a quarter under a 4' level), you're good to go. We have plenty of site recommendations in our knowledge hub, and you can learn how to level a subfloor from our blog--its easy!

Where can I find a professional to install my Steller Floor?

Pretty much anywhere! There are no certifications required to install a Steller Floor, and anyone can learn how to do it - even accountants, plant biologists, and teenagers. That means you can use a trusted local handy-person or a regional flooring installer to get the job done right - all at prices closer to LVP than traditional hardwoods.

Plus, our support team is very happy to talk with your installer over the phone or in a zoom call. We can answer any questions they may have and make sure that installation is as quick and easy as possible.

Can I refinish my Steller Floor?

Yes, our real solid hardwood floors can be refinished just like any other traditional hardwood, but we ask: why would you? On average, most of the damage to a floor comes from the walking areas. Simply swap planks around the room or use 220-grit sandpaper and standard polyurethane to touch up planks--or order a refresher pack from us. With Steller, your don't have to refinish corners of the room you never walked on!

What happens if I get a spill or a flood on my Steller Floor?

When its a cup or so of water, just dry it with a towel; but if the puddle is much larger, thank goodness its a Steller Floor! Instead of being ruined, a Steller Solid Hardwood Floor is easy to care for when you have a big leak or flood. Just check out the knowledge hub for step-by-step instructions.

Have more extensive questions? Don't miss the Steller Knowledge Hub!

Let's make your Steller Project Easy, together.

Whether you're planning a project for yourself or your client, our team can help you plan the project seamlessly.

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Steller Floors are truly exceptional thanks to high quality materials and innovative technology.

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Steller Floors have the highest lifetime value with competitive pricing.

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With 6 American species, the best part is choosing your favorite style! 

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