What do I get when I order Steller Samples?

Steller Floors Samples are curated to help you make your final decision for your flooring project.

Canva Design DAFjsbizzW0Depending on what kind of flooring sample shopper you are, you either love or hate samples, but you always end up with approximately 1 million pieces of flooring that end up in the trash. We have worked hard to help you by curating the absolute best of what Steller Floors has to offer, and we try to send you only the samples you'll need to make a final decision.

What do I get when I order a set of samples?

When you order a Steller Sample Set, you'll get three 5"x5" pieces of wood and at least four clips so that you can see how the Steller Assembly System works. To assemble the planks, you can use our Quick Start Guide to see how to put them together on a tabletop (or on the floor). 

All Steller flooring planks come sealed on the wear surface with UV-cured Polyurethane and sealed on the non-wear surfaces with a water-based paraffin wax sealant. However, on samples the waxy sealant is noticeably missing. We understand that this might worry you, but we are most concerned with making sure the waxy sealant doesn't rub off on your countertops, clothing and other every-day materials, so we only put it on our flooring planks when we ship you the final order. 

Why can't I just order one sample?

In our experience, one sample is not enough for you to be able to see the variability possible between planks, and we expect that multiple samples will help give you a better idea of how much the materials you have chosen can vary. 

How have you chosen the sample sets?

Each set in our Steller Sample Collection is curated to help you decide between very similar options in our catalog. We've classified our samples by Species, Style, and by Budget and you can take a tour of them inside our online catalog. Of course, if you know which Steller Option you want, you can order a set of three help you lock in your final decision!