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Pre-Orders for Fall 2024 Now Open

Steller Floors Work For You

Why do commercial property owners choose Amazing Steller Floors?

In property management, high replacement rates mean headaches. With Steller, our patented technology has turned real, authentic hardwood planks into carpet squares. So, let's improve your property values and reduce your overhead costs.





Easy, Authentic, Beautiful: Real Solid Hardwood Floating Floors by Steller

Why Do Commercial Property Owners Choose Amazing Steller Floors?

When a Steller Floor is used properly, your space becomes absolutely breathtaking and your floor increases cash flow, reduces maintenance costs, decreases exposure to risk, and - in the best cases - your floor increase property values and turns a profit.

A Steller Floor is fundamentally different. 

With Steller, you get everything that you hope for from other flooring brands maximized in quality, longevity, beauty, craftsmanship, sustainability, value & customer service - all direct from the manufacturer. And,
Install your floor quickly & easily. That means you'll pay LVP prices for Steller installation (national average of $3/sf) instead of traditional hardwood flooring prices (national average of $8/sf). That's 50-75% savings!
Hot-swap, re-use & repair. Touch up or move lightly worn planks to less visible areas for quick fixes, spot-refinishing, and/or ordering new planks for ultra-low cost upkeep. All while avoiding costly commercial downtime.
Reduce replacement costs & exposure to risk. When heavy wear & tear or water damage partially damage flooring materials, Steller Floors are only replaced proportionally to the damage.
Disassemble the floor without loss to redeploy, reuse, or even resell. Under Section 1245, this may qualify Steller Floors for accelerated depreciation during cost segregation analysis.
Steller Floors in Retail, Multifamily, Light Restaurant, Commercial Office & More

See the Radiant Bride Installation in Cleveland, Ohio

The Radiant Bride is a Steller client who was not paid for their video

Client experience & aesthetic beauty were obviously the top priorities for this project, which was undertaken in the Fall of 2023.

Additional advantages of Steller Floors also included: installing over concrete without glue, fast install before grand opening, zero commercial downtime during maintenance, and increased cash flow due to tax advantages. 

Steller Floors Assembly & Care are Fast & Easy

1. Attach Steller Clips to Solid Wood Planks

Demonstrating how to attach a Steller Clip to a Steller Wood Plank

2. Align & Assemble using a Mallet or Stomp

Join Steller Planks Using a Mallet or a Stomp

3. Enjoy Your Steller Hardwood Flooring

Planks are easily removed and replaced using a simple suction cup
Ready to Steller Floors in Person?
Steller Floors Curated Sample Experience
American Oak
American Oak Sample Kit
Heirloom Assortment
Heirloom Assortment Kit
Heirloom Luxe Assortment
Heirloom Luxe Assortment Kit

The Steller Curated Sample Experience

$35.00  $50.00

Are you planning your flooring project, and want hands-on guidance? Choose our expanded sample kit experience! With this sample kit, you'll get:

A range of six different Steller Floors sample options
A consultation (on zoom or via phone call) with our experts who can help you plan your project
Confidence that your flooring project will be amazing. We love working with you!

Plus, get it all TOTALLY FREE! When you meet with our team member, you can request a rebate for the full cost of the sample kit.



Ready to Start Your Steller Floors Project? Get Started Today!

Discover Your Favorite Grains

Real, Solid Hardwoods with Authentic Character

All Sourced with the Highest Standards in Sustainability + Precision-Milled Using 100% Wind Power & Living Wages in the USA. Learn More.

Authentic Beauty

Steller Floors are Real Hardwood

6 Solid Wood Species & a Range of Finishes to Suit Your Aesthetic.

Easy Install & Care

Steller Floors are Easy to Install 

Assemble DIY or with Your Favorite Local Contractor.

Extraordinary Value

Invest in the Highest Quality

Made 100% in the USA Using Craftsmanship

Steller Floors Pricing

Cost-Competitive with Alternatives

Steller Floors have Amazing Lifetime Value at Amazing Prices.