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Terms of Service

Steller Innovations, LLC dba Steller Floors (“Steller”) offers access to this and affiliated websites (“Websites”), products and services to customers that accept the following Terms and Conditions. By using the Websites or purchasing from Steller, you explicitly confirm that you have read the following Terms and Conditions and agree to them. Our obligations are subject to any limits or restrictions which we may agree in writing. The following terms and conditions apply to all users and customers and in case you require additional information on any of the subjects presented below, feel free to contact our customer support at any time.  You must first read and then accept the Terms and Conditions in order to benefit of the best services provided and the agreement is effective upon acceptance. If you don’t agree to the following Terms and Conditions, make sure to inform us.  If we make any amendments to the Terms and Conditions, those amendments will be posted online and in order to continue accessing the Websites or purchasing from Steller, you might be asked to accept the new Terms and Conditions. 

This preamble is an inseparable part of the following Terms and Conditions thereof and together with all company policies constitute a binding Agreement between the user and Steller.

Making use of, accessing, visiting, using this Websites and/or purchasing from Steller is hereinafter referred to as “Activity”. You and any person conducting an Activity are referred to hereunder as ”Customer”. Any person conducting an Activity unequivocally and unreservedly expresses his or her binding agreement to any and all of these Terms and Conditions, constituting a binding agreement between the Customer and Steller, and undertakes to fully comply with the Terms and Conditions. Any and all Activity on, with and/or via our Websites shall be governed by these Terms and Conditions.





To Place an Order

Payment in full is due upon order when:

  • The order is less than $10,000
  • Fulfillment is expected within 45 days
  • For all custom materials (size, species, colors, etc.)

If a deposit is allowed:

  • 1/2 Balance Deposit is due when fulfillment date is expected or requested beyond 45 days; the order will NOT be cleared for finishing until the remaining balance due is paid in full.
  • The balance is due 30 days before the target fulfillment date.

For Accepted Purchase Orders

  • Commercial terms agreed upon based on project requirements.
  • Payment in full due is required to clear for finishing queue scheduling unless specified otherwise in an accepted PO.
  • Scheduled or staged releases can be arranged when specified on an accepted PO.

Fulfillment & Shipment

  • Fully paid orders are cleared for the finishing queue and will be scheduled as capacity allows.
  • Fulfillment delays may result from payment delays and are NOT the responsibility of Steller.
  • Shipment: Orders ship via common carrier as soon as fulfillment is complete unless other arrangements have been made. Standard fulfillment to final destination is coordinated by the carrier, who will contact the customer directly for scheduling and instructions.

Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity to receive certain components or allowable upgrades are as follows:

  • Per square foot pricing applies only to orders over 100 sqft. Smaller quantities require purchase of refresher packs.
  • Free Assembly Kit is provided with a minimum 500 sqft order; base cost is applied below minimum.
    • Example: A 200 sqft order w/ custom stain at $3.00 per sqft, would be subject to a $3,000 minimum cost for the custom stain.Custom Stains, Treatments or Woods have a minimum order size of 1000 sqft, and the base cost is applied at 1000 sqft minimum for smaller orders.

CHANGE ORDERS: Steller Floors will attempt to accommodate any changes made by the Customer, but certain circumstances may cause Steller to incur irreversible costs that will be passed onto the Customer. Therefore, the following restrictions and penalties apply to order changes. 

  • The Customer agrees that any quantity, upgrade or change fees must be paid in full before the order will be fulfilled. Similarly, if there is a net credit due to the Customer after all other price changes are assessed, then a refund will be provided to the Customer no later than the time of order fulfillment.
  • Steller agrees to make changes without penalty if the order is non-custom order, there is no change to wood species, and finishing has not yet begun. 
    • Steller is not required to inform the Customer when the order proceeds to final finishing. Finishing occurs on an “As soon as possible” basis unless specific dates are requested by the Customer at the time the order is placed by Customer and accepted by Steller.
    • If changes are requested for a non-custom order after finishing has begun, Steller will attempt to accommodate the request. In the event Steller agrees in writing to accommodate the requested changes, then the Customer may be subject to a 10% change fee in addition to any changes in base cost.
  • Changes will not be allowed for any custom orders unless Steller agrees in writing to accommodate the request, in which case the Customer may be subject to a 10% change fee in addition to any changes in base cost.
  • Change Orders may result in delays to production and/or fulfillment (delivery or pickup).
  • Steller may deny any change order request that we consider too onerous or outside the scope of common practice within our facility.

CANCELLATION: All canceled orders are subject to a 20% cancellation & restocking fee based on the balance paid to-date. The refunded amount will be less this 20% cancellation & restocking fee.

DELIVERY: In all cases, at the time order is placed, full delivery information must be provided including address, point of contact and any scheduling requests including dates and special instructions

  • Customer acknowledges that no order will be fulfilled until payment terms are satisfied, regardless of date requests.
  • All shipping dates are estimates. Steller will use every reasonable effort to meet requested or estimated dates for pickups but makes no guarantee of those dates since they are dependent on potential Customer changes, carrier delays and other factors outside of Steller’s control.
  • Common Carrier Responsibilities: Steller pledges to use nationally recognized brands and insured carriers for freight shipments and
    • Pickup: Customer acknowledges that Steller can only request pickup times by carriers at Steller’s facility. Steller is not responsible for pickup delays incurred by those carriers. 
    • Delivery: Customer acknowledges that Steller has no control over the delivery once it is in the possession of the carrier. In the case of liftgate deliveries, the carrier is responsible for scheduling the final delivery and Customer is responsible for coordinating and facilitating ultimate receipt directly with the carrier.
    • If customer is unavailable when delivery is scheduled or notifies Steller of a change in availability after the shipment has left the facility on the Planned Shipment Date, or the Customer needs to make changes to the destination or timing while in transit, then the Customer is responsible for any and all additional charges incurred from the carrier. In such cases the carrier may charge the Customer directly.
    • Additional Charges: Customer assumes all responsibility for all additional charges assessed by the carrier post-pickup due to Customer’s actions or inactions related to coordinating the final delivery that result in rescheduling, storage or other penalties. 
  • Unless indicated otherwise on the purchase order or order acknowledgement, all shipments are FOB Origin. When the product is loaded on the carrier’s truck, it becomes the property of the Customer. Steller insures its outbound domestic loads as a value add to our Customers.

PICKUPS. Each 500 square feet of palletized flooring weighs up to 2,500 lbs. and Steller strongly recommends that Customers allow the delivery to be made by a qualified third-party carrier. If the Customer represents that they have a suitably rated vehicle or trailer (see below), Steller may agree to allow the Customer to pick up the order under the following conditions:

  • Customer must pick order up at Steller’s facility within 1 week of being notified by Steller of the order’s availability for pickup. 
    • In the event the Customer does not pick up the product within the one-week period, the order will be considered cancelled. Any payments less the 20% cancellation and restocking fees may be applied to a new order or may be issued as a refund to the Customer.
  • In the event that the Customer arrives at Steller with a trailer that is insufficient to safely handle the load, Steller, in its sole discretion, may refuse to load the order due to safety concerns. In this circumstance, Steller will not be responsible for any costs incurred by Customer including out of pocket or time-related costs. In this event, the Customer will be required to arrange for suitable alternative transportation at their cost or accept freight carrier with liftgate delivery arranged by Steller. If the alternative arrangements result in additional freight charges, those must be paid by Customer before the order will be released to ship. 
    • In the event that Steller refuses to load a customer-provided trailer due to safety concerns and the Customer does not make suitable alternative arrangements, the order will be considered cancelled. Any payments less the 20% cancellation & restocking fee may be applied to a new order or may be issued as a refund to the Customer.
  • If Customer is unable to pick up the order and notifies Steller within the one-week period, Steller can coordinate delivery by a third-party freight carrier. Additional freight charges will apply and must be paid by Customer before the order will be released to ship. 

RESCHEDULING: Delays in construction are not uncommon and Steller will attempt to accommodate delays to a reasonable degree. 

  • PAYMENT DELAYS: Customer agrees to the payment and deposit schedule at the time of purchase. 
    • Delays in payment that exceed 90 days may be considered a cancellation of the order by the Customer and any payments made will be subject to the 20% cancellation fee deducted from any amounts received.
  • PRODUCTION DELAYS: Steller will make reasonable efforts to delay production on any order prior to entering the finishing process upon Customer request. Delays in production do not affect payment timing.
    • Customer acknowledges that delays may reduce their ability to find a desirable second delivery date should production already have been reserved for other orders. 
    • Steller will not store completed flooring that is ready-to-ship, and we will be required to ship the flooring once it is completed. Please make every attempt to notify us that you cannot take delivery of your flooring before the order enters finishing since it may otherwise incur significant additional charges that Customer will be responsible for.

WARRANTY, RETURN AND REFUND: Steller assures that the product will arrive as ordered, according to advertised specifications and in fully functional condition.  If for any reason you would like to return your flooring for a refund:

  • Guarantee of workmanship of wood and plastic components upon delivery and for 30 days following delivery. Hardwood flooring planks will arrive in a condition meeting or exceeding National Hardwood Flooring Association Guidelines for hardwood flooring ( link ) We DO NOT guarantee our flooring for use outside of the NWFA, although we recognize that our floors are regularly and successfully used in such non-ideal conditions. 
    • Planks will be completely finished with polyurethane on the wear surface according to the accepted quote/purchase order.
    • Flooring will be made at 6-10% moisture content and planks will be sealed on the additional sides to resist changes due to moisture.
    • Planks will be flat and straight within +/- 0.015”. Planks will meet width and thickness specs within +/- 0.010”.
    • Plastic flooring clips are guaranteed to be homogenous in shape and function so as to accept and release the wood planks.
    • We will replace any planks or clips not meeting these standards free of charge, but defective parts must be returned to the manufacturer by the buyer.
    • Warranty of plastic clips. Steller Flooring Clips will maintain shape and function including plank removal and re-installation for 20 years. Failed clips will be replaced at no charge. 
  • Cancellation & Restocking Fee: A 20% cancellation & restocking fee will be applied unless the return is due to a product defect or order error made by Steller. This restocking fee will be deducted from the net amount due to the Customer upon return of material to Steller’s facility.
  • Return for any reason: A 30-day return policy is in effect from the date of receipt during which the product can be returned for any reason, subject to the 20% cancellation & restocking fee. It is the Customer’s responsibility to evaluate the product and confirm the order fulfills their expectations and requirements within this period. 
  • Product or Order Deficiency: Sales are final unless the Customer notifies Steller within 30 days from delivery that there is a product deficiency or order error by Steller. All claims must be made within this period. Customer’s failure to make any claim within this 30-day period will result in the unconditional waiver of a claim except in the case of clip, which has a longer warranty specified above.
  • Customer’s responsibility: The Customer is responsible for the return of the product in all cases. The Customer must return products in the same condition they were received and is responsible for arranging for and paying for all return shipping. Customer will be charged for any missing, damaged or altered products. It is strongly recommended that if Customer wishes to return any product, they should adequately insure the product for the return shipping.  The value of any missing, damaged or altered product will be offset against any refund otherwise due to the Customer. The net amount due to Customer will be paid by Steller within 30 days of return receipt of the product.

PRODUCT MAINTENANCE: Wood is a natural material and always subject to effects from the environment and mishandling. It is the Customer’s responsibility to maintain the product in a suitable environment that is compatible with natural wood and the Steller floor. 

  • Humidity control: Customer recognizes that the optimal humidity range for a Steller floor also coincides with the typical human comfort range of 35-55% humidity. Floors are manufactured and shipped at these conditions. Depending on the floor configuration, unwanted effects may result from excessive dryness (shrinkage) or excessive moisture (expansion). While temporary, these effects may be undesirable. If your environment will regularly and consistently be subject to extreme conditions, then the product must be allowed to acclimate to the new environment prior to assembly.
  • Standing water: Prolonged exposure to water can permanently damage wood. Customer should take precautions to ensure the floor is not subject to regular standing or pooled water. In the event the wood is exposed to such conditions, the boards should be removed and the floor and board dried. If prolonged exposure resulted from unseen circumstances, any swollen boards can still be dried and in most cases will return to their original shape. However, this is not always the case, and the Customer assumes all responsibility for proper care. 
  • Abrasion and wear: All wood is subject to wear which is influenced by the hardness of the wood species and degree and type of traffic. Customer acknowledges their decision to choose their specific flooring was based on what they determined to be an acceptable balance of these variables at the time of order.

SUBFLOOR PREP: Like all hardwood floors, the subfloor must be level to within ⅛” over 8-10’. Customer understands this and accepts the responsibility for ensuring the subfloor complies with these tolerances. In the event the Customer waives this project requirement, they understand that they may be allowing the floor to move by the distance that the subfloor is out of level. While this will not damage the floor, it may allow slight and audible motion.