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Smart Assembly in Hardwoods

The best hardwood flooring choice for contractors.

No certifications required.

Steller Floors are so simple that anyone can assemble them. Unlike traditional hardwood flooring, our floors assemble without nails or glue, are easy to repair, and are the most sustainable option.

Installation Reviews

Contractors and homeowners love Steller Floors because they can move quickly and easily through hardwood flooring installation and repair.

Printable Steller Benefits Guide

Let's make your Steller Project Easy, together.

Whether you're planning a project for yourself or your client, our Wizards help you plan the project seamlessly.

Shop Styles

With 7 American species, the best part is choosing your favorite style! 

Easy to Install

Steller Floors are easy to install DIY or with your favorite local contractor. 

Steller Pricing

Steller Floors have the highest lifetime value with competitive pricing.