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Steller Floors Patented Clips

Steller Floors Clips

Without a doubt, the "secret sauce" in our floors is our extruded clip system which mechanically attaches plank to plank instead of attaching the planks to the subfloor. With our patented assembly system, you can install your floor quickly and easily, and repair or replace individual planks. You can even re-deploy or resell your Steller Floor!

With your Steller Floor, you can choose among:

  • Classic Clips - Rigid PVC: No plasticizers means no becoming brittle with age; base price starts at $2.79/sqft*
  • Commercial Expansion Clip - In development; inquire for pricing
  • BioPlastic Alternatives - In development; inquire for pricing

    * Base prices do not include wood planks, accessories, taxes, shipping or installation. Why? 

Why Start your Project with Steller?

When you get a quote from us, you're starting with the best as the baseline.

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Your Steller Samples are Ready:

Avoid ordering a million samples! First, narrow your choices using our guide, and then use our sample program to make your final decision. That's why we offer packs of three:

  • Three samples of the same species to see grain variability.
  • Three samples from the same species in different finishes.
  • Three samples from the same aesthetic category.