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Steller 2024 - Beauty & Innovation in Wood Floors
Steller 2024 - Beauty and Innovation in wood

The Biggest Upgrade in a Century for Hardwoods

Evan installing Steller

Solid Wood Planks

We carefully choose our flooring components from the best sources in our region so that your hardwood floor can live 100 years or more. 

  • 5" wide plank standard; solid ⅝” or ¾” thickness
  • Prefinished using UV-cured polyurethane, sealed on all sides
  • High quality (FAS/F1F) kiln-dried materials
  • 6 Appalachian species, sourced & manufactured 100% in the USA
  • 100% Wind Power during Manufacturing
  • Milled using craftsmanship tolerances averaging 0.003"


Steller Patented Clip

Steller Assembly Clips

Our patented clips mean that our floating floors can be assembled without nails or glue, over OSB or concrete, DIY or by a professionals. 

  • Heavy-duty construction survives multiple deployments
  • Rigid PVC (uPVC) has no plasticizers
  • Does not become brittle with age + 20 Year Guarantee
  • Precision Extruded in the USA
  • 100% Recyclable

Newcastle American Oak by Steller
Newcastle American Oak by Steller
Tacoma American Oak by Steller
Tacoma American Oak by Steller
Lexington American Oak by Steller
Lexington American Oak by Steller
Georgetown American Oak by Steller
Georgetown American Oak by Steller
Dallas American Oak by Steller
Dallas American Oak by Steller

American Oak

American Oak styles are perfect for active interiors where character and warmth are the main qualities of the space. This wood grain is both traditional and eye-catching at the same time. 


Steller Product F.A.Q.

Are Steller Floors water-proof and humidity-resistant?

Our real, solid hardwoods are prefinished and sealed to help them resist moisture to the greatest extent possible in wood products. That said, they are not water-proof. Recommended storage and use of our floors is between 35-50%RH. Please contact our support team if you expect your interior spaces to exceed this range.

Do you have detailed material specifications available?

Yes! We have detailed information about our materials, finishes, sealants and clips in our knowledge hub and a variety of spec sheets to meet your needs. Simply reach out to us at 1-800-955-7671.

Can I just buy the clips and mill my own flooring?

Unfortunately, no. Our assembly system works based on extensive knowledge of wood products including tolerances within 0.010" and less. We cannot reasonably or reliably expect others to reach this level of precision in wood products.

Can you sell me an unfinished Steller Floor?

No. We mill our flooring under strict humidity control and we can't ship unfinished products and expect them to arrive in the highest quality conditions.

Have more extensive questions? Don't miss the Steller Knowledge Hub!

Customer Testimonials

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Our Hardwoods

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Easy Installation

No Certification Required

  • No Nail or Glue means 3x Faster Install
  • Excellent Results, DIY or Pro
  • Simple Repairs and Maintenance
  • Online Knowledge Hub for F.A.Q. and Technical Insights

Steller Pricing

Planning Your Budget

  • Unbeatable Prices for High Quality, Innovative Materials
  • Compare Steller Materials, Accessories and Labor to Common Alternatives
  • Evaluate Repair and Refurbishing Savings over Lifetime

The Steller Catalog

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