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Our Steller Products

Updating Solid Hardwoods for a New Era

Evan installing Steller

Solid Wood Planks

Innovative Materials

We carefully choose our flooring components from the best sources in our region so that your hardwood floor can live 100 years or more. 

  • Wide plank, solid ⅝” or ¾” wood flooring
  • Prefinished, sealed on all sides
  • High quality (FAS/F1F) kiln-dried materials
  • 7 Appalachian species, manufactured 100% in the USA
  • COC available upon request


Steller Patented Clip

Steller Assembly Clips

Patented Technology

Our patented clips mean that our floating floors can be assembled without nails or glue, over OSB or concrete, DIY or by a professionals. 

  • Heavy-duty construction survives multiple deployments
  • Rigid PVC (uPVC) has no plasticizers
  • Does not become brittle with age
  • Precision extruded in the USA
  • 100% Recyclable


Steller Floors Demonstration

Our Hardwoods

Ready to Shop Steller? Check out our Style Guide and Order Sample Packs to choose a favorite.

The Steller Catalog

Discover Steller Varieties

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  • Sold in packs of 3 to help you choose

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  • Packs with the same species option to help compare different colors
  • Mixed packs with three similar aesthetics to help compare aesthetics across species
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Our Steller Hardwoods

What makes a solid hardwood floor last? With over 50 years experience in our leadership team, we can tell you the essential elements. 

Sourced in the USA

We only source the highest quality materials (FAS and F1F and better) from the top kiln driers in our region to ensure the best materials are used in your floor. 

3/4" or 5/8" Construction

The longest lived materials on Earth are the ones with the most refinishable surface, which is why we offer 3/4" solid hardwoods in our residential, Heirloom collection. We also offer 5/8" thickness for commercial spaces in our Sylva collection. 

Prefinished and Sealed

We prefinish our flooring planks with UV-cured polyurethane on the wear surface and a paraffin wax sealant on the other surfaces to help it resist changes in humidity and liquid water. 

Easy to Install

Precision tolerances manufactured by craftspeople in the USA means our floors are easy to assemble and self-align. No need for any certifications.

Simple Repairs

We are rethinking refinishing. Why refinish corners of the room you never walked on? Simply use a suction cup to remove, repair or replace solid hardwood floor planks--either DIY or with the help of a professional.

Our Patented Steller Clips

Assembling Steller Floors is easier than any other flooring product on the market.

  • Rigid PVC

    Made without plasticizers, our plastic clips won't become brittle over time so planks can be installed and removed hundreds of times if needed, while using the same clips. 

  • 20 Year Guarantee

    Worried that your clips won't last? Don't be. We will replace any clip that doesn't hold up over 20 years (subject to Terms & Conditions). 

  • Recyclable

    Our clips are built to be used, reused and recycled! Today we are developing innovative take-back programs so that your Steller Floor never ends up in the landfill. 

Steller Installer Austin

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