Steller Innovations patented installation technology

Our Technology

When we say “our technology,” we mean it. This system that you’ve just discovered is patented (US10006211B2) and we believe you’ll think it’s as clever as we do. 

Known as “floating flooring,” Steller floors clip together and do not need to be nailed to the subfloor. All you need is a rubber mallet to secure the boards into place, which reduces installation time from days to hours.

When Flat Equals Perfection

We also joint our boards, a process that involves finding a flat section of the board within its natural shape. This process is rare in the flooring industry, but we believe that it’s worth the time to create high-quality products that are built to last.

Pictured: Steller Hard Maple Clear

Installation Over Any Subfloor

Our floors can be installed over any flat subfloor, including OSB (Oriented Strand Board) and concrete. The boards are joined together flat and sealed to prevent any changes from moisture. They stay flat throughout the shipping process, making for quick and easy installation upon arrival.

Replace Boards With Ease

If you need to replace a board, all you need is a suction cup (shipped with every order) to pull it up, and you can snap a new one in its place. We own the patent to this technology, and there are no other solid hardwood floating floors available in the market with the exceptional ease of installation and repairs that comes with your Steller Floor. With all of these incredible technical features, our sustainable manufacturing and craftsmanship are icing on the cake.

Meet Evan

Evan Stover, our President and Lead Technology Developer, is driven to change the wood products industry to improve product quality and sustainability. Evan grew up in the wood products industry and apprenticed under his father, Lee.

Before founding Steller Innovations, he spent time as a wood products consultant and saw the opportunity to offer an alternative to what he saw in the hardwood flooring market. Evan patented the technology behind our floors and now splits his time between achieving the big-picture vision for our company and overseeing the details during production and installation.

We're so happy you discovered our technology. We love to talk about flooring. Get in touch and let's discuss your project.

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