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Steller 2024 - Video Reviews
Steller 2024 - Video Reviews

Matt interviews Evan & Britta

Everyone's favorite builder interviews co-founders, Evan and Britta, and discuss the "dent" Steller Floor's plans to leave in the flooring industry - one that is easily repaired, of course.

Brent in Texas

As an expert builder and craftsman, Brent Hull accepted Steller Floors as a sponsor to his "New House, Old Soul" Series in September 2023. Hear his review of Steller Floating Floors --

Eliesha in Cleveland

Eliesha is an incredible artist who installed her own solid hardwood floor in her third floor condo in Cleveland. Check out her Steller review!

Matt in Austin

Matt Risinger is one of the world’s top experts in building and residential construction. Check out his review of this flooring installation in Austin, Texas!

David in Harrisburg

David Vdov is the owner of a multi-talented business near Harrisburg, PA. Check out his review of this Steller commercial installation conducted by himself and his brothers in an afternoon!

Kim in Austin

Kim Lewis is a massively talented interior designer based in Austin Texas. Check out her review of the Steller Floor she chose for her own floor!

Andy & Brittany in Central PA

Andy and Brittany own and operate an independent bakery in our own town, Tyrone Pennsylvania. See their on-slab assembly of a Steller Floor in their commercial space and hear their thoughts!

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