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The Steller Floors Hype is Real

Real Solid Hardwoods that are Upgraded in Over 50+ Ways.

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We Designed Steller Floors to be Extraordinary

Here are 50+ of the Ways We Make Steller Floors the Absolute Best They Can Be

Steller Attributes What We Aren't....
High Quality, Innovation & Values Low Value and Low Quality
Easy to Install DIY or Pro, Faster than any Alternative Nails, Glue & Specialized Labor
Exciting Pricing for Lowest Overall Install Costs Race-to-the-Bottom Pricing with Expensive Labor
Solid Wood + Integrity from Nature Synthetic Engineered, Laminate, Plastic (LVP/LVT)
Highest Quality, Few Knots, Kiln-Dried with Care Short-lived due to Knots or Grain Patterns, Poor Drying Quality
Wide-plank Shows Full Grain Narrow/Slat Flooring
5/8" and 3/4" for 75 to 100 years or More Lifetime 9/16" or less @ Average of 15 years
Precision-Milled with Craftsmanship Guarantee Milled Quickly without Supervision, Poor Aesthetics; High Scrap
Can be Refinished Easily with 220 Grit Sandpaper & Polyurethane Entire Floor needs to be Refinished, Some Prone to Delamination
Sourced & Made in the USA Harvested and/or Made Abroad
Milled by Experts + Recommends 2-3% Overage Milled Quickly + Recommends 10-14% Overage
Craftsmanship Guarantee & 20 Year Warranty on Assembly Clips Warranty Full of Legal Loopholes
Easy to Swap Styles (Species & Color) Commit to One Style
Herringbone or Linear - Modifiable Commit to One Style
Fixed Plank Lengths that Highlight Flexibility & Quality Random Length Planks Reflect Manufacturing Speed
Like Marble & Granite, Planks restricted to Highest Quality Sections Planks Include Defects
All Stain Colors Kept on File + Replacement Packs Available Stain Colors Retired Annually
Manage Patina by Easily Shuffling Planks Manage Patina by Refinishing Whole Floor
Low VOC, Odorless, UV Cured Polyurethane Stinky, Oil-based with additives, Vulnerable to walk-off
Commercial-Grade Finish Applied during Manufacturing Applied on-site by an Expensive Specialist
Ready to Install on Delivery (35-50% RH) Must be Acclimated
Tiny Eased Edge Ensures Finish Integrity Large Bevels are Vulnerable to Wear
Sealants are Low VOC, Odorless, Applied on Every Side During Manufacturing Products are Only Sealed on Wear Surface
Sealants are Resistant to Liquid Water & Humidity Wood Exposed to Humidity and Liquid Water
Additional Sealant Included with the Floor Sealants Possible but Inconvenient
Patented -- You can only get this from us Generic Tongue and Groove, Click/Lock
Simple to Repair or Replace Planks, DIY or Pro Nails, Glue & Specialized Labor
Easy to Remove for Any Reason Nails, Glue & Specialized Labor
Easily Floats over Concrete with Vapor Barrier Not Recommended
Easily Floats over Subfloor Heat (Warmboard) Not Recommended
Easily Soundproofed (Quiet Walk LV) Difficult to Soundproof, Fasteners Transfer Noise
Expandable (add square-footage, components) Permanent, Needs Transitions between New Spaces
Reclaimable - Resell or Redeploy Damaged by Removal
Elegant and Simple Tooling for Install Caveman tools (flooring jack, nail gun, crowbar)
Easily Manage Floods and Spills Let Water Drain to Subfloor - Where it Stays
Easily Swap Single Planks, Patch or Ship New Refinish the Whole Floor
Easily Clean Pollen/Liquids/Dirt Leave in Cracks Forever
Independent; Founder-Owned, Operated & Motivated Shareholder Controlled & Profit-Driven
Ethical Employment for Career-Oriented Craftspeople Underpay Workers at Home or Abroad
Community & Local-Sourcing Mindset Solo, Me-First Attitude
Complementary Zoom Call from Studio on Install Customer Abandoned with Product
Tools Included in Shipment Find your Own Stuff
Professional, Expert-level In-house Contacts Call Centers
Designed for Circular Re-use Products and Byproducts become Unnecessary Waste
Delivery Concierge Service with Liftgate Basic Drop-off
Price Goal: Lowest Lifetime Cost of Ownership Price Goal: Lowest Possible Sticker Price
Commercial Tax Advantaged Depreciated as part of the Real-Estate
Profitable for Property Managers/Owners Contribute to Cycle of Losses
Product Made of Deliberate Decisions + Trust Product Decisions Complex & Profit Driven
Product Sourced in the Appalacians (150 mile radius) Large Carbon Footprint
Product Milled using 100% Wind Energy Product Milled using Fossil Fuels (Coal-Power)

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Steller Floors have the highest lifetime value with competitive pricing.