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Getting Started on Your Steller Floors Project is Easy

The Steller Floors Savings are Amazing


If you could repair your floor one plank at a time, would you ever throw the whole thing away? Probably not. Do you know how much money you could save that way? A lot.

See the Amazing Savings Below


The Steller Floors Savings are Amazing






If you could repair your floor one plank at a time, would you ever throw the whole thing away? Probably not. Do you know how much money you could save that way? A lot.

See the Amazing Savings Below

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Steller Floors in Flat Sawn White Oak are Easy to Repair

The Steller Floors Savings Experience

Wisdom for Budget-Minded Shoppers in Flooring from Our Experts


It is perfectly reasonable to start your flooring project by comparing prices - and our advice is: don't stop at sticker prices. 

When you consider the whole lifecycle of a Steller Floor including materials, and installation labor, and how repairs add up over the lifetime of your floor - you'll find:

  • Homeowners who prefer hardwoods can save 50% or more with Steller Floors versus big box solid hardwoods and quality engineered materials thanks lower maintenance, refinishing & replacement costs, and
  • In residential-use, the lifetime maintenance costs of Steller Floors' mid-tier real, solid hardwoods are low enough over 40-60 years of home ownership to be comparable with LVP, and
  • In commercial settings, where replacement rates are very high - and you don't have to replace or repair corners of you room you don't use - the advantage of Steller Floors becomes staggering
Easy, Authentic, Beautiful: Floors by Steller. Better than Any Alternative in 50+ Ways.

A Price Comparison for a Typical Flooring Project:


Steller Floors Mid-Range


Quality Engr'd

5" Big Box Solid Wood

Project Size in Sqft 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000
Materials Cost $15 $3 $12 $8
Install Cost $3 $3 $8 $8
Total First Cost $18,000 $6,000 $20,000 $16,000


Flooring Material Sticker Prices Tell Less than Half the Story

Smart flooring shoppers will quickly notice that there is a whole lot going on in this table, so in the menus below we will zoom in on a few key elements.

Note: To keep everything simple, we've set everything to pretty typical residential numbers for the USA in 2024. Please note that these numbers are ballparks, not exact numbers - some numbers will vary by region, by brand or vendor, and by product line. As you follow along, the scenario is easy to modify using pen & pencil any way you'd like. 

1) Steller Floors Pricing Balance is Unique Among Flooring - Why?

Typically in flooring projects, the materials cost is around half the total cost of the whole flooring project. Interestingly, with Steller Floors, our team invests a whole lot more effort crafting your flooring planks during the manufacturing process instead of on-site - which means the cost of the material is higher.

  • We can ensure that an expert craftsman reviews every plank in a way most general contractors on active job sites simply can not.
  • Our perfect planks are fast, easy and certification-free to install on-site either DIY or with any contractor (even in herringbone format!). 
  • Clients can plan for 2-3% overage for funky cuts instead of springing for the standard 10-15% industry overage- because we don't send you (or make you pay for) our trash.
  • Your flooring will live the longest possible service life instead of being vulnerable to the many issues that affect permanently installed & finished floors. 

While our material cost is relatively high, our installation cost is comparably very low compared to other wood products -- often more than 50% less.

2) Cheap-is-More Pricing Sentiment is Shifting in Flooring
Until recently, public sentiment has been leaning heavily towards LVP as a favored option - "Its cheap, and I'll just stick it with the next owner of my house!" Well, the winds are shifting heavily, however, for a slew of reasons.
  • Prices of vinyl materials are skyrocketing due to inflation, regulations on slave labor, and negative environmental impact. $3 is probably on the low end, and so represents a conservative estimate in 2024.
  • In addition, more people are realizing that they are spending more time in their homes working remotely. They are less likely to move, and more likely to stay in their homes long-term - and so they are choosing higher quality materials that they prefer to personally experience - Cheap is actually less desirable in these cases.
3) Some Elements are Missing from the Table
Finally, there are really two tiers of flooring products, LVP and Wood construction. For our purposes here, we don't consider carpet or tile because they aren't legitimate comparisons. 
  • Carpet is not resilient and it ages significantly faster than either of these two materials, it is also significantly worse for the environment.
  • Tile and ceramic products are significantly more expensive to install, and more fragile which makes them extremely expensive to maintain over long lifecycles. 

Most Steller Floors Customers Stop Here and Order Their Floors

For most folks searching for a high quality hardwood floor, the First Element above, some video reviews or awesome showcase projects, and a sample is all they need to make a decision - say no more.

In reality, there aren't that many high quality floors in the market. Steller Floors are high quality, competitively priced, easy and cool. That is more than enough for most people.. so, not many of them have actually done the math to see how much money it can save them over time.

Still, don't you want to see the numbers? 


Life with Your Flooring

What Savings do Steller Floors' Clients Get that Everyone Else Misses Out On?

Well, life happens to everyone. And your flooring; even "water-proof", "life-proof", "bullet-proof", and full-blown plastic floors take the brunt of it.

What will your strategy be when you need access to the subfloor or simple scratches, dents, gouges, stains, water damage, paint and ink marks inevitably pop up?

More importantly, how will having Steller Floors help with pesky repairs down the road? How does it affect your wallet?

Is it really that big of a deal? It is. Let's break it down.

How to Manage Flooring Repairs

The 3 Approaches - Besides literally ignoring it


Refinishing only applies to Wood Products, and for our purposes to keep it simple, we will assume it costs 50% the cost of buying new. Exclusive to Steller Floors, you can refinish individual planks.

Full Replacement

All flooring products are subject to full replacement, and obviously the main cost is the cost of a new floor - sometimes it is a choice, sometimes it is due to damage. Exclusive to Steller Floors, you can replace individual planks.

Hot-Swap Planks

Exclusive to Steller Floors, you can move damaged planks to hidden areas of the room cost-free. This is also a great way to manage patina if you do touch-up planks: hide fresh planks in the shade 😎. 

Yes, the Hot-Swaps are what made Steller Floors internet-famous several times over.
96M views & counting!

Lifetime Flooring Maintenance Costs

When you compare the cost of spot-repairs with Steller Floors (i.e. just the walking areas, or areas near doors), versus full-refinishing or replacement with permanently installed traditional flooring, the cost difference is stark

Steller Floors Mid-Range


Quality Engr'd

5" Big Box Solid Wood

Hot Swap Planks $0 - - -
Refinish 5% $450 - - -
Refinish 20% $1,800 - - -
Refinish 100% - - $10,000 $8,000
Replace 5% $900 - - -
Replace 20% $3,600  -  -
Replace 100% - $6,000 $20,000 $16,000


Flooring Damage Can Get Really Expensive

It costs a lot to care for traditional, permanently-installed flooring materials - even LVP

Small Damage Becomes Impossible to Address Until it is Awful. Pipe leaks, open windows, small children, painters, movers, elderly pets, glues and leaky planters can present small, low-level wear & tear on a floor - but repairs for simple scratches are simply too expensive to undertake, and so they accumulate for decades until you're living on a floor you hate.

Large Damage Often Means Full Replacement on Traditional Floors  - With all permanently installed solid and engineered floors, floods can be devastating.

  • Even on cheap LVP, when a window leaks during a storm, water can get under "water-proof" LVP, and $6,000 becomes $12,000 in just a few hours because water can't escape.
  • Don't count on your homeowner's insurance to cover the full cost. In our experience, you'll receive 50-60% coverage for most traditional flooring materials.
  • Meanwhile, with even with large, unexpected events, Steller Floors are often more easily managed and preserved at much lower cost.
  • And, if the unthinkable happens - a total loss occurs with a Steller Floor (which is, of course, still possible) - Steller Floors have directly comparable first costs with similar-quality wood flooring materials.

Disclaimer: It is important to note here that Steller Floors are made of real, solid wood, and are not indestructible. Like every other hardwood floor, Steller Floors do require a basic level of care. The basis for the discussion here is that if that basic level of care is met, the function and flexibility of the floor itself preserves value over time by reducing the maintenance burden in comparison to alternatives. If you try to use Steller Floors in an unusual situation, or outside our standards of care, it is absolutely possible to destroy your Steller Floor.

↓ Read the Story Comparing Savings After the Gallery

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A Lifetime Scenario for Different Flooring Types

Isn't difficult to imagine a simple product lifecycle, and do simple math to compare flooring materials

Let's start by imagining typical residential homeowners installing flooring in their home in their mid 30's, and then owning their home progressively through the next sixty years. Once we work through this story & the table below, you can change the story any way you'd like using a pencil & paper and your own estimates!

After 15 Years, Homeowners Plan a Refresh

At this point, our homeowners are around age 50, and they've come some ways in life - and they're planning a refresh of their living space.

A Steller Floor has been touched up a few times with some planks swaps and some professional-quality (or DIY) repairs at low cost.

In parallel universes, the LVP floor needs to be replaced. Both the engineered and solid wood floors are refinished due to wear & tear.  All of these processes require moving out & the hassle of negotiating with vendors and managing heavy expenses.

After 30 Years, a Full Renovation is Due

After 30 years  the homeowners are nearing retirement - age 65 (Line 2 of the Table). Now empty nesters, they're firming up plans for their golden years in their "forever home."

The Steller Floor has a budget that accounts for all of the walking areas (30%) being touched up at least once.

In our Alternate story-lines, the LVP floor needs to be replaced again. And, the traditional wood flooring owners are being heavily pushed towards replacing their wood flooring because it has already been refinished once - they might push back to save money, or they might go for it - at high expense - to update their "forever home."

At 45 Years, a Refresh is Due & Generational Shift is Coming

At 45 years - The homeowners are quite advanced in age and may have mobility concerns. Even still, the flooring accumulates more wear & tear and needs appropriate care for safety reasons.

LVP needs replacing again, while wood flooring materials should be refinished - each with difficult consequences.

With a Steller Floor planks, are easily modifiable by replacing a few planks in high-wear areas only, while leaving corners and areas under furniture untouched unless absolutely necessary.

At 60 Years, New Hands Take on a Full Renovation

At 60 years, the owners are now likely a new generation, (Line 4 of the Table) - who find themselves repeating the cycle. With costs accumulating similarly - except, with a Steller Floor - they simply replace a few planks instead of buying all new flooring.

What if I am not in my 30's or 40's? Lifecycle costs, like interest in the bank, add up over time - but it is never too late to start investing and enjoying the floor you're living on. Ironically, the older you are, the more likely it is that you understand the argument for choosing a high quality floor with low maintenance costs in the first place - simply through the wisdom of lived experience.

"One day I am going to bequeath this floor to my daughters. If they want, they can put it in their houses. I just think that is so cool."
- Herb K., New Jersey

*Please keep in mind that this is a simple model, and not a formal financial or accounting model. It is used for illustrative purposes only, and should be interpreted with caution. 


Steller Floors Mid-Range


Quality Engr'd

5" Big Box Solid Wood

After 30 Years: Refinish up to 30% of your floor (if needed) & Hot Swap Some Planks You've Owned 2 Plastic Floors Refinish Your Floor Once Refinish Your Floor Once
Total Flooring Spend @30 $22,500 $12,000 $30,000 $24,000
After 60 Years: Refinish up to 60% of your floor (if needed) & Buy Replacement Planks for 5%. Your Floor Basically Looks Like a Brand New Floor You've Owned 4 Plastic Floors Buy a 2nd Floor & Now Your 2nd Floor Needs to be Refinished Buy a 2nd Floor & Now Your 2nd Floor Needs to be Refinished
Total Flooring Spend @60 $27,900 $24,000 $50,000 $40,000



In this basic example of home ownership in 2024, Mid-tier Steller Floors are a phenomenal choice compared to the alternatives. Looking to save even more? Lets' Keep Going! 


Easy, Authentic, Beautiful: Floors by Steller. See our Product Guide.
Steller Floors are Durable because they are made of Solid Wood

The Steller Floors Price Advantage

When you're willing to do the math, you see the advantage

As you can see, Steller Floors are not only built on Innovation, Quality, Sustainability and Craftsmanship but we really, really think it is the financially correct way to buy and own a floor as well. However, this summary is still missing a few components that might additionally add value for you.

Save even more money by choosing a cost-effective product from our Sylva product line, touching up less frequently, and choosing to DIY the install & repairs for lower lifetime costs than LVP.

Install Floors Professionally if you're a contractor and like to move quickly, you can serve more hardwood flooring jobs faster and at lower cost than any traditional installer - no certifications required.
Get Commercial Tax Advantages in business uses when you ask your CPA or accountant about section 1245 during cost segregation analysis.
Avoid downtime & reduce liability in commercial rentals while keeping aesthetic value high and preserving market value.  
Disassemble the floor without loss to redeploy, reuse, or even resell.

And, if you're curious about the business models you can build around owning Steller Floors for use in commercial spaces, reach out to for more details.

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Steller Floors are Real Hardwood

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Steller Floors are Easy to Install 

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Steller Floors Pricing

Cost-Competitive with Alternatives

Steller Floors have Amazing Lifetime Value at Amazing Prices.