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Excellence versus Alternatives

Steller Floors are Made of Real Solid Hardwood

Solid Wood Plank vs Engineered

These two floors are very different in quality. With Steller Floors you get American-made, furniture-quality materials that are sealed on all sides to resist moisture. As you can see, the high end engineered wood flooring plank shows obvious signs of weakness:

  • Juvenile wood prone to uneven moisture response
  • Areas of high delamination risk along glue seams
  • Structural weaknesses leave the wear surface unsupported

Typical Flooring Cost Breakdown: With Steller, You Pay Less to Get More

Total Costs by Material
  Steller Sylva Steller Heirloom Engineered
Starting Base Materials Cost $8.99 $9.99 $2 - $25
Base Installation Materials $2.79 $2.79 $1.50 - $7
Labor Cost $3 - 5 $3 - 5 $6 - $12
Total Project Cost
$11.78 - $16.78 $15.78 - $17.78 $9.50 - $44.00

*Installation materials and labor for engineered varieties often depend on region and the quality of the materials and/or labor employed.

Quality Attributes by Material
  Steller Sylva Steller Heirloom Engineered
Materials Solid Hardwood Solid Hardwood Wood Composite/Glue
Source USA Only USA Only Unknown
Thickness 5/8" 3/4" 5/16"-3/4"
Finish UV-cured UV-cured UV-cured
Assembly Floating Floating Glue
Sealants All Sides All Sides Wear-surface Only

Subfloor Specs**

Standard Standard Standard
Refinishing*** 3-5x 10x+ 1x
Repairs Simple Suction Cup Simple Suction Cup Complex
Installation Simple Tools, DIY Simple Tools, DIY Certifications Required
Wages American-made Craftsmanship

American-made Craftsmanship

** Subfloors Specs are flatness of 1/8" over 8-10' including plywood, OSB, concrete, and subfloor heat. Moisture barriers recommended in high-moisture areas including basements and concrete slab-on-grade.
*** Steller Floors can be refinished in place, but it is not recommended. Repair or replace Steller planks individually for lowest cost maintenance.

Don't Forget Overage

With Steller Floors, our Craftsmanship Guarantee means that you only need 2-3% overage because we will replace any plank that doesn't meet our detailed quality specs. Industry standard is 10-14% overage, and sometimes 20% is recommended. That is an instant 5-15% savings when you go with Steller - which isn't even factored in above.

Steller Floors are Resilient to Climate

Engineered floors were once believed to be stable due to their construction from thin sheets of wood fibers glued together. However, today's low-quality wood in most engineered flooring in is prone to changes in moisture and humidity, leading to a decrease in quality, composition, and stability with potential for delamination.

Steller Floors are prefinished and sealed and can be installed in climates that are comparable to engineered floors. In fact, all solid and engineered floors (including Steller Floors) are recommended to be installed in 35-50% RH interiors. 

White Oak Steller Floors

Compare Lifetime Repairs & Refinishing

With Steller, simple repairs and refinishing means that you can keep your floor looking nice for much lower prices than any permanently affixed floor. Just pull out your handy suction cup to hide a damaged plank in a low-visibility spot (e.g. under the couch) for $0.

Alternatives like engineered flooring and traditional solid wood need to be refinished every 5-10 years on average, and typically require expert technicians. A cracked tile could take weeks and hundreds of dollars to fix. 

In addition to adding to the value of your space, over the lifetime of a floor a Steller Floor simply costs pennies on the dollar compared to alternatives.

Considering Steller Floors for Commercial Projects?

Steller Floors

The Difference is Steller

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Let's make your Steller Project Easy, together.

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Shop Styles

With 6 American species, the best part is choosing your favorite style! 

Easy to Install

Steller Floors are easy to install DIY or with your favorite local contractor. 

Steller Pricing

Steller Floors have the highest lifetime value with competitive pricing.

58 Sylva Starts at $7.99Sqft (1)
  • Solid Hardwood in 5/8” and 3/4”

  • Wide-plank, Furniture-grade Quality

  • Made 100% in the USA using Craftsmanship

  • 100% Wind Power during manufacturing

  • Prefinished with UV-cured polyurethane and Sealed 

  • No Nails or Glue & DIY-friendly

  • Floats over OSB, concrete and subfloor heat

  • Simple repairs and removal with a suction cup

  • Ships directly to jobsites nationwide from Pennsylvania

  • Six North American varieties with 21 different aesthetic options


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